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The Art of Intuition

Make Confident Decisions by Trusting your Intuition

Struggling with what to do next?

Whether in your personal life or in business, trusting your intuition and following your heart, will lead you to success. When you need to make important decisions in your life, let your true intuitive feelings be your guide.

The Art of Intuition was created to help you achieve a happier, healthier, and more authentic life, by trusting in yourself. It empowers you to have faith in your intuition, follow your heart and embrace your life's purpose.

Develop your Intuitive Nature

"The rational mind is a faithful servant."

"The Intuitive mind is a sacred gift"

Albert Einstein

Susan has spent over 30 years encouraging people to connect, develop and trust their intuition to enable them to make confident decisions in line with their true core values.

The new "Artworks with Awareness" events are an artistic, yet informative way of seeing what your Intuition is guiding you towards. Check out the Intuitive Paint & Sip Art Reading Workshops and Events to see which one suits you the most.  Here's a clue. Follow your intuition.

Reading Flower Drawings

Flower & Card Readings

All intuitive readings are performed by Susan Jane and are video recorded for you. Therefore, a Calendly booking is required to ensure your reading is created at a suitable time for both you and Susan.

For more information about the different types of readings and how you can design your own reading head to Intuitive Readings and see what intuitively suits you.

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3:2 Eden & Paul

Intuition Courses

Enjoy the ease and relaxation of developing your intuition in the comfort of your own home.

These online courses will give you back your power to trust your intuition and create confidence in your life decisions. Time to engage with your Super Power

Have more control over your life by trusting your intuitive guidance. Enroll online now!

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Sip & Paint Private Events Intuitive Nature

Intuitive Paint & Sip

Grab your friends and have your own Art workshop with Insights. A perfect blend of creativity and intuitive guidance comes together in these events.

This is not an art class but a better way to see your intuitive guidance through the medium of watercolors.

You are going to love it. Book your private event today!

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Flower Readings for Mother's Day

Intuitive Love Messages

Struggling to express your feelings of love or gratitude towards someone? Your Mum, Partner, or a close friend.   

Help is on its way. Intuitive messages of love will say what you can't and all you need to do is choose a picture of a flower that resonates with you. 

Presented in video and written format to really show how much you care. Book yours now.  

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Intuition is the communication between the spiritual aspects of you and the physical aspects of you. It is how your spirit or soul relates the information to your physical body. Similar to the driver (the spirit you) that wants to get the car (the physical you) to head to the shops. The vehicle (body) has the ability to do that through the physical environment of life and the driver (Soul) has the purpose to do so.

The Art of Intuition gives you the space, time, and resources to help reconnect with you. Trust your Intuition for a happier, healthier, and more authentic life. Want to know how? Just ask. 

Artworks with Awareness

Discover your artistic diversity and creative potential with all of your friends while creating Artwork with Awareness. 

Let your intuition speak to you through the art you create and get a personal reading with it. A great party idea for homes, backyards, function spaces, or your favorite restaurant. 

Gatherings with Insights

Want a great adult party idea without the r-rated tag. Now you can have it, with an intuitive art party designed for tasteful gatherings. 

The right people make the best parties, so gather your besties and enjoy your special time in a very unique way.  

Paintings with Readings

Grab the bubbly and celebrate your greatest milestone with this unique Hen's party or Bridal shower activity. Create your event and get some time out with your besties. 

At last, a blend of both, art and readings. Ditch the Psychic and create your own intuitive art. 

Workshops with Instincts

Had enough of the same boring team-building exercises at work? 

This is one you'll never forget, neither will your team leader. Uniquely discover what intuitively motivates you and your team without saying a word.

Activities with Perception

Performance Anxiety is crippling in the sporting arena but it doesn't need to be and there is a fun way to understand it more.

Discover how your team functions, are motivated and how they can achieve great performance without the anxiety.  

Connections with Intuition

Are you working away or have a global team that you want to stay connected with? Even if you are apart, Intuitive Art Readings can bring you together.  

Find out more about your extended friends and connect intuitively with them through art. 

Have you ever just known something, like really known something with your whole being and couldn’t explain how you knew it? …

… that’s your intuition at work.

Intuition is defined by knowing something absolutely, without any logical explanation or conscious reasoning for that knowing, in fact very often, that knowing will lead you in a direction that may look the very opposite of logical.

As spiritual beings having a human experience, every single one of us has the gift of intuition, it’s part of our soul energy and is on a higher level than the intellect or what we can access via the mind alone.

We bring through many energetic tools to help guide us through the physical experience of being human, one of those tools is a sixth sense, or intuition. While it’s true that not everybody uses intuition fully, we all have that capability.

Most people, at least once in their lives, will take action based on a feeling or a knowing, that feeling or knowing is just another word for, yep! you guessed it ... Your Intuition

Intuitive Flower Reading Courses

Intuitive Flowers

Uncover your deep-seated goals and ambitions with Intuitive Flower Readings. Learn to read Live flowers, Flower Images or Flower Drawings in these courses. 
Learn to read flowers to unlock your emotional goals and aspirations through these focused and uplifting online courses or events.

Intuitive Nature. Living an Intuitive Life

Intuitive Nature

Wellness Retreats

Reset your Life retreats where you design your own unique intuitive treatment. 

Choose your bodywork, mindset intentions, emotional support, and spiritual healing all within one retreat.

Intuitive Trees with Susan Jane

Intuitive Trees

Get to know the real you with Intuitive Trees Reading packages.
Understand your personality type, your motivations, and your behaviors with this simple download.

You can unlock your intuition and learn more about yourself in this fun, interactive and bespoke package. 

The ARt of Intuition Logo

Intuitive Life and Business Coaching

Developing your intuition so it can guide you will let you discover your true spiritual connections. Susan Jane, The Intuitist, will help you with your Intuitive Trust to build the perfect business in line with your true core purpose. It is not rocket science, it is an intuitive knowing that you too can connect with too.

Susan runs an international podcast, is a published author, and has several online courses to help you connect, develop and trust your intuition so you can make positive life decisions.

The Voice of Intuition Podcast

Susan Jane, The Intuitist, talks about the practical aspects of Intuition and how it guides you towards your very best life. She is a published author, inspirational speaker, Intuitive Life Coach, and a multi-international award winner.

Reflecting on her 40-plus years of understanding spirituality, Susan Jane will take you through an intuitive perspective of her life experiences and what she did to get through them. This includes understanding her 20 yr emotionally abusive relationship, a near-death experience, and a violent sex attack that left her for dead in a gutter.

You will learn about the tips and tricks of connecting with your intuition and how you can strengthen it in practical, everyday ways. There will be resources for you, such as meditations and flower readings. Plus you will be hearing from other spiritual professionals about how their intuition guided them to where they are now.

Discover the importance of connecting, developing, and trusting your Intuition through The Voice of Intuition Podcast.

Book in a time for these services

Intuitive Flowers - Mother's Day
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