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Trust in your Personal Power

The Art of Intuition by Susan Jane is a bespoke approach to understanding and learning to trust in you. It is designed to empower your intuition so you can live a happier, healthier and more authentic life.

"The rational mind is a faithful servant."

"The Intuitive mind is a sacred gift"

Albert Einstein

Susan has spent over 30 years encouraging people to connect, develop and trust their intuition to enable them to make confident decisions in line with their true core values.

The new "Workshops with Insights" are an artistic, yet informative way of seeing what your Intuition is guiding you towards.

Intuition is the communication between the Spiritual aspects of you and the Physical aspects of you. It is how your spirit relates information to your physical body. Like the driver (spirit you) wanting to get the vehicle (physical you) to the shops. The vehicle has its abilities and driver has its purpose.

The Art of Intuition gives you the space, time and resources to help reconnect with you. Trust your Intuition for a happier, healthier and more authentic life.

Want me to show you how? Just ask. 

Intuitive Flower Reading Courses

Intuitive Flowers

Uncover your deep-seated goals and ambitions with Intuitive Flower Readings.
Learn to read flowers to unlock your emotional goals and aspirations through these focused and uplifting course.

Intuitive Ntaure. Living an Intuitive Life

Intuitive Nature

Living an Intuitive way of Life. 

Learn how to connect, nurture and believe in yourself through the art of trust. Connect with your intuition and create  a happier, healthy, more authentic way of living.

Intuitive Trees with Susan Jane

Intuitive Trees

Get to know the real you with Intuitive Trees Readings.
Understand your personality type, your motivations, and your behaviours.

You can unlock your intuition in this fun, interactive and bespoke course. 

Have you ever just known something, like really known something with your whole being and couldn’t explain how you knew it? …

… that’s your intuition at work.

Intuition is defined by knowing something absolutely, without any logical explanation or conscious reasoning for that knowing, in fact very often, that knowing will lead you in a direction that may look the very opposite of logical.

As spiritual beings having a human experience, every single one of us has the gift of intuition, it’s part of our soul energy and is on a higher level than the intellect or what we can access via the mind alone.

We bring through many energetic tools to help guide us through the physical experience of being human, one of those tools is a sixth sense, or intuition. While it’s true that not everybody uses intuition fully, we all have that capability.

Most people at least once in their lives, will take action based on a feeling or a knowing, that feeling or knowing is just another word for, yep you guessed it, Your Intuition

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Intuitive Life and Business Coaching

Increasing your psychic abilities and developing your intuition will let you discover your true spiritual connections. Susan Jane, The Intuitist, will help you with your Intuitive Insights to build the perfect business in line with your true core purpose. It is not rocket science, it is an intuitive knowing that you too can connect with.

The Latest Reviews

Debra Yuille
Debra Yuille
00:00 02 Sep 20
We had Sue come in and work with our team a couple of weeks ago. In part it was a team building exercise but the... benefits went far deeper and were much more helpful to our future that we dreamed possible. Sue worked really hard to get all our highly analytical brains out of thinking mode and into feeling mode by having us all draw a flower, it was amazing, so much information that helped us to see each others strengths and in our instance that people were in the right jobs within our business. But that's only the beginning..... the real gold came from the discussion afterwards. As we began drawing Sue had asked me to articulate an issue/problem for the team to solve, and as we had that morning been again battling with an issue that's plagued us for over two years, I laughingly said that's the one I wanted to table. The discussion was informal during the wrap up and out of that came a creative solution that we all agreed on after coffee and cake. Thanks Sue, you brought fun and lightheartedness with you that allowed a solution to present itself while we were focused on other things!! So very grateful to you and your skills. I highly recommend Sue from Intuitive Nature and especially her flower drawing session to you and your team. You''ll discover hidden gems to help your business you won't have believed was possible, all the while enjoying lighthearted connections and building deeper, more meaningful relationships with your more
James Yuille
James Yuille
23:07 01 Sep 20
I had fun doing Su's flower drawing exercise and the debrief was interesting in that it captured me perfectly. Amazing... how a simple drawing can reveal so much about you - and how to work with others based on the information. A great team exercise!read more
Personal Growth Head Quarters
Personal Growth Head Quarters
01:44 14 May 20
This is a great place to get your information about Intuition and to develop and trust it. Susan and Melly were... fantastic in presenting the workshops I attended. Thanks Ladiesread more
Susan Jane - Intuitive Nature
Susan Jane - Intuitive Nature
01:41 14 May 20
Attended a workshop about discovering your Life Purpose at Intuitive Nature and really enjoyed it. A small gathering... allowed us to really connect with each other and find true meaning in our lives. Thank you so much, I would highly recommend the workshops and on-line courses they have to more
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