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Get a personal flower analysis

Click here for your personal flower analysis To see what a flower analysis is like click here or on the rose below to see a sample send to one happy client. You can read the summary on the blog as well. There are 16 different areas of guidance in a flower image When we chose…

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Linn’s Intuitive Flower

Intuitive Flowers Susan Jane The Intuitist

Linn didn’t inform me as to her goal therefore a general flower reading will be done. If, for example, this was a relationship goal the information would have been clearer and the examples used would have targeted the goal. Nevertheless this beautiful flower arrangement is really worth talking about. A situation has occurred that has…

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Candice’s Flower

This flower image was given to me without a clear goal therefore a general analysis of what the Candice’s intuition was telling her is below. Learn how you can do your own analysis on your flower image with Intuitive Flowers:Empowering your Goals A full detailed analysis has been sent via email to her and below…

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