Candice’s Flower Mar 17, 2016

This flower image was given to me without a clear goal therefore a general analysis of what the Candice’s intuition was telling her is below.

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A full detailed analysis has been sent via email to her and below is the summary only. Of course the clearer the goal the better the analysis can focus in.


A situation has occurred that has a negative aspect that is pushing you forward suggesting there are changes that need to be made. The changes are of a community nature or create a positive aspect for the community or those around you. In order for you to go ahead or to overcome the situation you need to take on an extroverted personality. You will need to stand up for yourself in an assertive way (which may seem almost aggressive to someone who is of a passive nature) and say your peace. The extroverted personality that is required is also reflected in the behaviours you will need to display in order to be successful. It is time to say NO, stand your ground and demand what you want. You don’t need to say it to anyone in particular but you do need to speak it out loud.

I am not sure why you are waiting because your time starts NOW. You have been guided already to go down this path and there is no need for further assistance it is now up to you. Lighten up and put out joyful, happy emotions to attract what you want back. Don’t get caught up in the doom and gloom of the people that fleet in and out of your life. Stay strong and allow them to share their negatives with someone else not you. Personally I have said to others ‘I don’t want to hear that’ and have walked away. Eventually they get the idea and stop dumping their stuff on you. The emotions have been broken down individually so putting it altogether the theme here is remaining upbeat and vibrant. If you have to fake it to you make it, do so with the strong masculine behaviours your intuition is telling you to use. Your driving force is strong but erratic so this process could be a stop-start type so know that and go with the flow. If you want to work on it then do so, but if you don’t want to, then don’t. Remember that being that way may make it a longer process or create the two steps forward, one step back aspect.

The overall the message is to stand up and take action NOW and do so in a strong, assertive yet fun way.

Thank you Candice for allowing me to do this for you.Feel free to write a comment of your experience.

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  1. Candice on March 22, 2016 at 1:16 am

    Thanks for this fascinating analysis. It makes so much sense to me and it’s wonderful to be able to now stock your book at Big B Books so others can learn about flower analysis for achieving their goals too.

    • Susan Jane on March 22, 2016 at 6:06 am

      Thanks Candice
      It is amazing how our flowers can highlight what we need to know.
      Kind regards

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