Get a personal flower analysis Mar 22, 2016

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To see what a flower analysis is like click here or on the rose below to see a sample send to one happy client. You can read the summary on the blog as well. Nancy

There are 16 different areas of guidance in a flower image

When we chose a neutral image of a flower that represents your goal it will highlight 16 aspects that your intuition want you to be aware of. To achieve your goal in alignment with your core values  and beliefs your intuition or commonly called your gut feeling will guide you correctly.

It is about lining up your mental brain (in your head) with your emotional brain (in your heart) and feeling it through your intuitive brain (in your gut). When they are all lined up your are in alignment completely and you know the answers will be correct for you.

Get your personal flower analysis now by clicking on Personal Flower Analysis  and following the prompts. Take a bit of time to understand what your is and how you will feel when you achieve it. Once you have that feeling then think of a flower image or flower color that come to mind. Look up or google the image that came to mind eg. pink and white flower, rose or whatever it was. Then go through the flowers until you come to one that gives you the same feeling.

That is your image.

That is what your intuition is telling you to choose. By then you would have received an email from us which you can attach a copy of the image and get your analysis. Don’t wait any longer to follow what your gut is telling you.

Order your Personal Flower Analysis  now and get on your path towards what your heart truly desires

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