Intuitive Vibes at Burleigh Heads May 3, 2016

Look at the differences in these images.

I don’t know who belongs to the first the larger one but mine is the one with the tighter or smaller aura.This suggests that I wasn’t interacting with others very well at the time.

This image was taken during my last working position and I was being bullied within the workplace. You can see by the size of the aura that I was pulling in and going inward trying to work out what was going on at the time.I was blaming myself for the situation and was desperately seeking answers internally as nothing was coming forthright externally.

The deep blue around the body area highlights my internal questioning, asking for answers but not understanding the messages. The white light to the right of me (pictures left) shows external spiritual support was in action but was I listening to it enough?

Was I listening to the right guidance for me?

My chakra energy centres were all over the place as I was experiencing a lot of stress and anxiety over this work situation. Funny enough my heart centre (Green 4th from bottom) is still very large as I was concerned about other staff members in the company and what they were enduring.

I took another reading the day I finished at this company about 2 weeks after the above image (I forgot to save it) and my aura had grown to a similar size as the first one pictured. It was almost an instant relieve as I no longer had to restrict my interactions with others and I could be myself again. The tighter our aura field the harder it is to relate to others but when you know that the easier it is to fix the problem..

Intuitive-Vibes is heading to Burleigh Heads on the Gold Coast at BigBBooks this Sunday 8th May 2016 from 10 am to 3 pm if you would like to find out what your Aura and Chakra energy field are saying to you.

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