I am as Perfect as I am Jan 13, 2017

After 30 + years’ actively pursuing personal transformation in all of its forms physical, mental, emotional and spiritual, I am still not sure if I have reached my full potential.

I’ll let you be the judge.

Hi my name is Susan Jane and I have studied, lived and worked at personal transformation to the extent where I believe I have come the full circle.

Yes I’m back to the beginning and loving it. However it was a journey that needed to be travelled. I needed to experience and learn from it to really get the benefit of knowing who the real Susan Jane is.

My journey had its ups and downs, just as yours would, and mine were no bigger or better than yours only different. I had three children in three years (eventually worked out what was causing that and stop it immediately) and just before my youngest turned two I was nominated for ‘Australian Citizen of the Year’. The move to our 90 acre organi

c crop farm was easy compared to working the farm but I absolutely loved it and it was there that I did my Life Coaching course. In those days it wasn’t a registered course however it gave me a strong insight as to why I was feeling the way I was.

A 20 year emotionally abusive relationship to a man who struggled with his own demons via the bottle, had me strongly questioning my self-worth. I believed I needed to be more, be better, live up to other people’s expectations, expectations that were sadly in my head not theirs.

I needed transforming,

I needed to be practically perfect.

Here’s how I tried: A 3 year Life Coaching Course, Certificate IV Remedial Massage, Natural Therapies Training (vitamins, minerals & herbs etc.), Bowen Therapy, Reiki, Sports Trainer, Bachelor’s Degree in Public Healthmajoring in Health Promotion, Cert IV Workplace Health & Safety, Cert IV Trainer, Assessor and Certificate IV Small Business Management and then there were ones I’m embarrassed to mention like Angel Therapy.

Nonetheless these learnings, along with the very persuasive life lessons that accompanied them, has brought back to my knowing. I am as Perfect as I am. The good bits, the bad bits and the downright ugly bits all make up who I am. It is not for everyone to like me but it is up to me to embrace every part of who I am. Now my new understanding of personal transformation is that we don’t need to transform ourselves at all, we just need to know who we are right down to our very core and share that with the world.

My first published nonfiction book, called Intuitive Flowers: Empowering your Goals, took three years to research and write and it relates to developing, trusting and utilising your intuition to achieve your goals rather than personally transforming to reach them. Everyone knows about Intuition and yet we don’t utilise it to its full potential. This book not only explains how, it also shows you step by step the best way to achieve it and it is as easy as picking a flower.

The experience of researching, writing and publishing a book along with my studies gives me the confidence to Coach/Mentor others using my Writer’s Centoring Program and Blueprint your Business Mentoring Program. I concentrated for three years to write my book, create my product and that is what I got in the end, a book. I neglected to really look at the people I was marketing to or the possibilities that are available to move forward with it. I lacked a plan, a blueprint to go forward.

Intuitive Undies: An Insight into Emotional Mastery is the next book to be published which explains the effects of emotional abuse in relationships using real world experiences and how emotions are being used constantly to manipulate us. To find out how that relates to Undies you’ll need to read the book but I am safe to say ‘Would you wear someone else’s undies?’


Currently I am the Vice President of the Gold Coast Writers Association and the Secretary for Gold Coast Toastmasters, two of my greatest passions that reflect my calling in life. Helping people transform back to their perfect self so they will also quote.I am as Perfect as I am.’  I cannot be anymore or any less than what I am because I am me.

If you would like more information on the Business Mentoring Program, the Writer’s Centoring Program or any of the talks, books or workshops I offer please contact me on my website www.Intuitive-Nature.com. I look forward to hearing from you.

Susan Jane


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