Personal Growth Expo Jan 13, 2017


Are you looking for new ways to grow your business?

Is a healthy, balanced lifestyle important for you?

Are you passionate about your personal development?

With so much information around regarding how to run your business, how to maintain a healthy lifestyle or how to stay connected, it’s hard to know exactly what is best for you. General information overload, without targeting your exact situation, wastes your business, relationship and personal time. It often leaves you needing, seeking or wanting more.

You need your business growth material, lifestyle balance information and your personal development advice to easily come together. A place that streamlines all of this for you and has experts to deliver that valuable information.

The Personal Growth EXPO has been designed to assist you in your business knowledge and skill sets, your physical health and well-being, and your emotional strength and determination by bringing together the authorities of these industries into one place.

The Personal Growth EXPO focuses on

Wealth, Health and Stealth.

Business Wealth – Business Health, Business Development, Finance, Travel, Networking, IT, Publishing, Intellectual Property, Banking, Business Coaching, Training, Shares, Property and much more

Physical Health – Physical Health, Exercise, Weight Loss, Yoga, Dance, Movement, Food, Supplements, Massage, Chiropractor, Personal Trainers, Beauty, Pain Management and much more

Inner Stealth – Inner Health, Relationships, Psychic, Reiki, Meditations, Personal Transformation, Energy work, Connections, Emotional Support, Counselling, Spiritual Guidance and much more

With over 60 different business partners, three separate speaking areas, professional speakers, free workshops and lots of fantastic food stalls you will find the perfect opportunity to move forward in your personal growth and achieve overall harmony.

Sunday 2nd April 2017 – 9am to 4pm

Albert Waterways Community Centre, Broadbeach                                                         **CALL NOW**                                         Susan 0438 111 174

Email:  [email protected]                                                      Gayle 0490 403 940

If you’re interested in becoming a Business Partner (Stall Holder) go to the website, send us an email or call 0438 111 174


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