How do you spend your Money? Apr 20, 2017

Most of us will find that we spend our money on the things that require our most urgent attention such as bills, expenses and the needs around our life circumstances. So it is a wonderful feeling when you have funds left over to spend it on what you really want, you know splurge on a secret passion of some sort.

Whether it’s an opportunity to save money for that ever insistent rainy day as you excitingly watch the bank balance slowly increase, that new outfit you know will enhance your chances with the person-of-your-dreams next time they see you across a crowded room or to simply catching up on some ‘me’ time watching a movie at the local cinema.

We all have our desires to spend money on something we want.

What you spend your money on has a huge impact on your live and the direction you want to take, but did you know that there are three main areas you direct your spending towards. Only three areas that can determine if you’re feeling abundant or still feel like you are financially struggling.

Let me start off by saying there is no ‘right or wrong’ response to this. What we spend our money on is part of our personality, our belief system and it’s all about being in touch with the real you.

Aesthetics: Physical Connections

  • Arts – Appealing to the Senses. Absorbing.
  • Beauty – Personal Enhancements. Visually Appealing Surroundings.
  • The Senses – Taste. Touch. Sight. Sound. Smell. Things that enhance these aspects.

Security: Mental Connections

  • Financial Capital – Saving money. Investing. Building Businesses. Creating finances.
  • Education – Learning more. Developing the mind. Investing in the self.
  • Social Interactions – Connecting with like-minded people.

Freedom: Spiritual Connections

  • Travel – Movement. Holidays. Getting out and about.
  • Donations – Church. Charities. Volunteering.
  • Recreational – Entertainment. Experiences. Living life to the fullest.

My partner is an Aesthetics spender and he likes to have beautiful things around him. He will always go for quality over quantity and shops in the higher end department and retail stores.

If something doesn’t feel right to him it will be because the physical aspects are not coming through via the five physical senses. He will often bring something home only to return it because it doesn’t give him the aesthetics he was hoping for in his environment.

I’m a security spender

I, on the other hand, spend on security. Oh yes any spare coin always goes towards a non-fiction book that can teach me something I may not already know. I studied a university degree later in my life to improve my workplace security only to have all the Health Promotion positions be made redundant due to a change in the Government. That was six months after my three year course was completed.

So what was I to do?

Start a business, of course and write a non-fiction book. I’m sure my partner would rather see me get my nails painted than slog day and night over a key board breaking them off as I go. I know it’s crazy but I get ecstatic paying to go to a networking event with like-minded people but to pay to watch a movie in the cinema … err … no thanks, I’ll wait until it comes out on DVD,

… unless it’s your shout.

Lucky enough, for our relationship, we both have Freedom as our second choice and this is where we naturally come together. When he says he wants to buy a caravan to go traveling around Australia, I’m more than happy to let him shop around for the quality he wants. If it means traveling and new experiences he can spend up big on the aesthetics as long as I have the security of continuing with my business while we go.

Some of the things you spend money on will cross over into the other areas however this is about how you see your spending activity. For example if you were reading an educational book about traveling would you see this as Freedom (travel) or Security (education)? Whatever you answered is correct for you but it could be different for someone else.

When you understand your spending habits you have the option to change them, if you want to, but it can help you recognize why others spend the way they do and save a lot of grief. I find it amazing knowing that I can make easy confident decisions since I found this clarity in life.

Guess I better get out of my pyjamas now before he, who likes me at least dressed, gets home from work.

Bye for now

Susan Jane

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  1. MakeItUltra™ on April 20, 2017 at 9:28 am

    Great post! ✨

    • intuitivenature on May 7, 2019 at 8:54 pm

      Hi and have renewed my blog and thoroughly enjoying coming out of my spirituality closet. Also I now know how to respond properly to comments and wanted o say thank you. It’s a little late but I eventually got there. Hope makeitUltra is going well. Have a fantastic week. Susan Jane

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