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What is Emotional Intelligence?

Learning the hard way I come from a background that included a 20 year emotionally abusive relationship thus I needed to understand what emotions where, what they are about and why we have them. I developed Emotional Intelligence the hard way like most of us, through trail and error. What feels emotionally good for one…

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Through the eyes of a Sports Trainer

I am a professional sports trainer for the Brisbane Roar Women’s league under 17’s. It is the feeder team to the National Women’s League for Brisbane Roar Football and where the football talent scouts search for upcoming Matilda’s to play in the Australian team. When I was young I played a lot of sport, I…

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The Meaning Behind Common Dreams

Analysing dreams has become a big business subject with thousands of books, internet webpages and online magazines discussing what they mean. It seems everyone has a meaning for the things we dream about and there are millions of different signs and symbols that can relate to us in our dreaming state. However I have found…

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