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The Meaning Behind Common Dreams Feb 15, 2018

Dream Analysis

Analysing dreams has become a big business subject with thousands of books, internet webpages and online magazines discussing what they mean. It seems everyone has a meaning for the things we dream about and there are millions of different signs and symbols that can relate to us in our dreaming state.

However I have found that before we focus on the signs and symbols that are within our dream we should look at what area in your life is your dream attracting your attention towards. Dreams are created by the subconscious to attract our attention to something, such as a belief, an action or a situation, so narrowing down where the area of attention is helps enormously.

How we work out the area of attention is by noticing who is in the dream or where the dream is taking place.

If your dream has people from work in it then the dream relates to your work life and the symbols inside the dream reflect on your work, career or business life. If your dream has family members in it then the dream explanation should take into consideration that attention is closer to home. It could be about that family member or your relationship with them. If your dream is of the past where you felt you were young again it is reflecting back into a childhood thought or belief. Read the symbols and signs with that in mind but if your dream doesn’t cover off on an environment, another person or a past situation then it is about you and what is happening in your life now.

So if you can narrow down the area of attention to where or what your dream is trying to draw your attention towards then reading the signs and symbols becomes easier and more targeted. The dream starts to make more sense and you become more aware of what your subconscious is trying to tell you.

Dream analysis is just another way for your intuition to get in contact with you. The symbols will relate to you in some way. shape or form. If you want to learn to develop your intuition through beautiful flowers, on line courses are now available.

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