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Attraction: Like a bee to a flower Apr 20, 2019

“That which you think, in any moment, attracts unto itself other thoughts that are like it.”

Abraham Hicks

Petals are the most attractive part of the flower.

Petals are the most attractive part of the flower. They are colourful and will attract your attention from a hundred feet away. Because of this attractive attribute, one of the basic functions of the petals is to attract insects and birds into the flower, thus promoting the possibility of cross-pollination and fertilization.

If petals can attract insects and birds, then the enormous variety of petal shapes, sizes, and texture, including the interwoven and fused petals, signifies the complexity of this attraction.

The petals of a flower can also express different meaning depending on how the centres of the petals are exposed or how close the petals are with each other.

The size of the petals depicts the amount of attraction that is needed to achieve your goal.

This is the same as personal attraction. Your personality, just like a petal, helps achieve the kind of attractions that you want whether for a lasting relationship or a temporary friendship.

Tiny-sized Petals

Tiny petals often come in a large amount; this suggests that a person or an individual requires little attraction to achieve their goals.

Medium-sized Petals

Medium petals require the individual to receive their fair share of attraction to feel at ease. These individuals want to be given regular feedback to be able to reach their goals and they also need to give their goals a fair share of attention.

Large-sized Petals

Large petals suggest that the person wants a large amount of attraction as a priority. Like medium-sized petals, the individuals under large petals also need a constant feedback in order to achieve their goals. Moreover, these individuals often like being in the spotlight.

Petals can suggest what kind of attraction a person feels but it can’t dictate who to express your attraction to. Just because the petal that represents your feelings is not what you envision or thought, it does not mean that it is no longer true. It is just a simple interpretation of what you feel and how the petals represent these attractions.

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