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Find your Balance in Numbers Apr 20, 2019

When you hear numbers, most often the things that come to mind are money and math.

Numbers are something you can both love and hate at the same time but do you know that they play an important role as to how balanced your life is?

In order to have a peaceful and harmonious life, you need to have a balanced life. A number doesn’t have to be an even number to be balanced. Your hand has five (5) fingers, it is an odd number but together your both hand gives an even and balance number.

To maintain an equal balance and harmony in your life, you have to determine if you are looking for even or odd numbers.

Even Numbers

Even numbers can be divided by 2, with the quotient being a whole number and without any remainder. Being even does not necessarily mean that the person is balanced. Every person has different needs. When you find an area in your life where you can find balance and harmony, often there is no need to look at that area any further. It could mean that if you want to achieve your goals, you might also consider tipping the scale in a particular direction. In addition, even numbers don’t always produce an even number with divided by 2. It also produces odd numbers and these numbers can play a strong role in balancing harmony in your life.

Odd Numbers

An odd number is any number that when divided by 2, leaves a remainder, which suggests that an area is not balanced or more emphasis needs to be placed in a particular area.

This is where your intuitive nature or abilities to shine, as one area can be weaker than the other. To make it balanced, the stronger side can be softened or may need to become more passive, whilst the weaker side might need to become more aggressive to give both areas more balance.

Every number can be written in a different way. For example, a number can be in a written format ‘two’, a figure format ‘2’ or a symbol format ‘✌’. Every number also has a different meaning. It can mean understanding, optimism or wisdom.

Numbers are just a representation of your strong and weak points and how you can find more balance in your life. Balance is about meeting your need and as everyone has different needs, you need to determine your need that was not meet yet.

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