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Intuition: Let it be your Guide Apr 20, 2019

 “Intuition is a sense of knowing how to act spontaneously, without needing to know why.”


Intuition is a special gift …

Intuition is often considered as a special guiding gift and is part of our primitive nature. It is classed more as an instinct or a gut feeling, rather than logical reasoning. Intuition is your inner guide that you hear and that leads you to an instantaneous decision without you analyzing or understanding the reason behind it.

Most often you can’t explain the feeling that you experiencing. Intuition guides you into making confident decisions without being too analytical about it. We tend to overanalyze our problems and the situations we are facing and so we can’t grasp the answers that are often right in front of us.

Intuition is a knowing that is beyond any doubt; a deep-seated knowing that creates an automatic response. Not just a feeling that you have, it is an understanding carved out of many different lives and types of thinking. Intuition is different from your beliefs. Beliefs can be influenced by cultures and traditions that your country or locality have been following for years. Whereas intuition is based on your guiding knowledge throughout your different lives and lifetimes.

Intuition is an innate knowledge, something that you are born with into this world, you already know it, you are just not aware of it. It can be manifested in four main ways – mental, emotional, visual, and physical.

Mental Intuition

Mental intuition involves your inner thoughts and knowledge, or the inner voice that you hear that comes from your subconscious. It can be so strong that you can almost feel it especially on fight-or-flight situations.

Emotional Intuition

Emotional intuition is that voice inside you that may make you feel emotionally uncomfortable or different with no apparent reason. When you experience emotional intuition you can receive it from individuals or the environment around you. For example: the feelings of tension in the air when you walked into a room where someone has recently had an argument.

Visual Intuition

Visual intuition happens when you experience visions, dreams, or what we deem as figments of the imagination. When you receive Visual intuition it can be either literal or symbolic and can have a major effect on you. This form of intuition is the most common and the least recognized or acted upon.

Physical Intuition

Physical intuition involves body sensation such as muscular tension or relaxation; the change of your heartbeat and the tingling sensation or feeling. Physical intuition is another way of receiving intuition.

You can view intuition as your personal guide

You can view intuition as your personal guide that will help you make confident decision without over analyzing everything. There are many shapes and forms that can relate to intuition, even some latent talent like psychic potentials and ability is also intuition. It is like receiving information through the spirits or thoughts of external being.

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