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3 ways to Prepare for Your Journey in Life Apr 20, 2019

“The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step.”


It is well-known that to reach your goal or destination, you must take one step towards the right path of your chosen journey. With Intuitive Flower Readings your journey in life can be compared to a stem of the plant. It is the path that leads the nutrients from the plants’ roots or leave to the other parts that need them. The stem also has several functions which include supporting and elevating the flower towards the right area for attention and attraction. The stem guides the flower to the destination that will make it reach its goal. Same in life, our journey is the path that we take to reach our desired goal.

Your life path changes along the way; it is not always a continuous straight line. It can also take you to curves and rocky roads, your Intuitive Flower can give you an idea of what to expect.

The journey that you take is an indirect result of the past effort that you have taken or the experiences that lead you to where you are now.

Whilst you can no longer change your past, you can definitely learn from it. Your future is not set in stone and they are still changing with every decision that you make. When you have a goal in mind, you can choose the route you want to take for your journey and learn and grow (experience) along the way.

So how can you prepare for the journey ahead?

Develop the Character

The best moment to test the strength of your character is when you are facing the most challenging time in your life. When these challenges come, do you give up easily? Or do you [no shortcuts please. Construct complete sentences] fight back like a warrior? Making a decision is not always about right or wrong, it is only about making a decision and ‘taking that stand’.

Test your Faith

Your journey is not all about fun and games. You may also face many setbacks that may cause you to lose confidence and faith in your decision. It will test whether you believe that your end goal is worth every second of sacrifice and hardship or if you have enough courage and faith for you to reach your goals and arrive at your desired destination.

Learn New Things

In every setback that you encounter, there is a reason – a cause as some people call it. This is the best time to learn from your mistakes, correct it, and promise yourself to not make the same mistakes again. Moreover, learn through your journey and improvise according to your new wisdom and knowledge.

Life is a journey and every path that you cross leads you closer to your goal or destination. The path is usually never a straight line but despite the crossroads, bumps, the curves, the twists and turns, know that every challenge is a part of it and they will contribute to your overall journey. Don’t fret and don’t panic – take courage and make the necessary turns if needed be.

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