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Susan Jane - The Intuitist

What do Near Death Experiences, Visualisations and Card Readings have in Common?

Well I'm  not 100% sure on how to answer that but I do know that I have experienced all of them plus many more spiritual and intuitive experience. It is because of these experiences I have been able to talk to you about them and how they were for me.

Head over to River Ramblings and hear about my journeys because I am sure you would have experience a few of them and you may not have realised it.

What I have discovered about Intuition is highlighted here as being on the water helped bring out clarity in what I was seeking.

Intuitive Insights

Increasing your psychic abilities and developing your intuition will let you discover your true spiritual connections. Intuitive Nature and Susan Jane, The Intuitist, will help you with these Intuitive Insights.

Susan Jane get deeper into topics such as:

  • Near Death Experiences (NDE'S)
  • Visualisation
  • Energy Healings
  • Card Readings
  • Flower Readings
  • Angels
  • and many more

For more details on each of these topics please go to the Blog and filter your preferences. Also the Theory Testing Videos explain how the topics were tested and the Intuitive responses that were used. A bit of fun and trial and error is alway interesting.

To hear Susan Jane, The Intuitist speak at your next function please contact us by filling in the form.

Susan Jane The Intuitist - Guest Speaker

So…if you’re ready to dive in, play, learn and blossom….

Head over to this page and see How easy it is to start Tuning In.

After 30 + years’ actively pursuing personal transformation in all of its forms physical, mental, emotional and spiritual, I am still not sure if I have reached my full potential.

I’ll let you be the judge.

Hi my name is Susan Jane and I have studied, lived and worked at personal transformation to the extent where I believe I have come the full circle.

Yes I’m back to the beginning and loving it.

However it was a journey that needed to be traveled. I needed to experience and learn from it to really get the benefit of knowing who the real Susan Jane is.

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3 Way to prepare for your Journey in Life

It is well-known that to reach your goal or destination, you must take one step towards the right path of your chosen journey. With Intuitive Flower Readings your journey in life can be compared to a stem of the plant.

It is the path that leads the nutrients from the plants’ roots or leave to the other parts that need them. The stem also has several functions which include supporting and elevating the flower towards the right area for attention and attraction. The stem guides the flower to the destination that will make it reach its goal. Same in life, our journey is the path that we take to reach our desired goal.

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What is Emotional Intelligence?

Learning the hard way

Learning the hard way I come from a background that included a 20 year emotionally abusive relationship. Thus I needed to understand what emotions where, what they are about and why we have them. I developed Emotional Intelligence the hard way like most of us, through trail and error.

What feels emotionally good for one person may not have the same outcome to another. Gaining emotional intelligence about your own feelings is the first step. Learning more about YOU helps you know what you like and dislike.

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