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Developing Intuition Blog

Discover how to Develop your Intuition and lot's more

We all have the ability to develop our Intuition and it is easier now than ever before. Intuitive Nature's Blog will help you to connect, develop, trust and apply your intuition into everyday circumstances while giving you the guidance you seek. Susan Jane, the Intuitist has the tools to help you. 

Be passionate about Developing your Intuition

Being so passionate about the power of intuition I’ve spent several decades teaching people about listening to theirs. It’s been my mission to develop others about how to use their intuition as guidance. To move them towards making confident decisions that bring them into alignment with their own truths and their own core values. This will ensure the fulfilment of their own goals and dreams.

My intuitive tools were developed 

Along the way I’ve developed tools to help people understand how intuition works and to help them strengthen that intuitive muscle. These tools are invaluable and I have seen how much they’ve helped my clients on their own personal development quests.

I’ve discovered how the transition from connecting to trusting your intuition really works. This knowing has really helped to shape lives, leading to more self assurance, ease, grace …

... and a lot less stress

Start reading to develop your intuition and learn the tricks and techniques that are available in the blog. To subscribe to the blog ensures you don't miss any new information coming out or recaps on what we may already know but forget to use.

Develop your Intuition NOW!

Crown Chakra where intuition comes through

The energetic life force from the creator penetrates into our energy system through the mystical crown chakra.

The Seventh chakra is called the CROWN Chakra (Sahasrara)  This chakra is located at the top of the head and spins very quickly as a 1000 petal lotus, our direct connection ...
Third Eye Chakra or Sixth Chakra

The Third Eye Chakra is the spiritual eye that seeks to see and know the truth in all things.

The sixth chakra is called the THIRD EYE chakra (Ajna)  Our intuition and our ability to see with vision comes from the Third Eye Chakra. It's the centre of divine wisdom, ...
Throat Chakra or Fifth Chakra

The Throat Chakra is all about choice, willpower and the right to speak and be heard.

The fifth chakra is called the THROAT Chakra (Vissudha)  The Throat Chakra symbol is all about choice, willpower and the right to speak and be heard. Speaking our peace is our ...
Heart or Fourth Chakra

Know how to balance your heart chakra to embrace your own needs and emotions, and sustain happy and healthy relationships

The fourth chakra is called the HEART Chakra (Anahata)  The heart chakra is where we see the possibilities of the internal and external world coming into harmony, the world of spirit ...
Solar Plexus or Third Chakra

The Solar Plexus chakra connects us with the energy to take action and express our true personal power.

The third chakra is called the SOLAR PLEXUS Chakra (Manipura) This chakra symbol connects us with the energy to take action and is the seat of self-esteem and expressing our personal ...
Susan Jane The Intuitist Speaker

Have you ever had a vision in life that really scared the crap out of you?

Have you ever had a vision about your life that really scared the crap out of you? I’m not talking scary movies, I’m talking about positive things that seem too ...
Sacral Chakra or Second Chakra

Discover the polarity of opposites in relationships, positive and negative, through the Sacral Chakra.

The second chakra is called the SACRAL Chakra (Svadhisthana) The Sacral chakra is the centre of the Life Force of the body. It controls the flow of information from the body ...
Base Chakra or Root Chakra

How the Base Chakra motivates us through food, rest, money and sexual expression, ensuring personal survival

The First Chakra is called the BASE or ROOT Chakra (Muladhara)  The Base Chakra links us to the physical world, solidity and support - especially to the physical body. It is ...
Crown Chakra where intuition comes through

The seven secrets to influencing real, human energy connections both personally and in business.

When it came to connections I used to get very confused. I would feel an instant magnetism to someone only to discover that person wasn’t a good match, either personally ...
Intuitive Nature - Mandala Image

Mandalas – The Art of Meditation

Click here to download your Mandala Images The meaning for the word mandala is commonly referred to as ‘circle’ and that symbol has many symbolic meanings, throughout all cultures. I ...