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Reclaim your Life with Susan Jane The Intuitist

We all have the ability to develop our Intuition and it is easier now than ever before. Intuitive Nature's Blog will help you to connect, develop, trust and apply your intuition into everyday circumstances while giving you the guidance you seek. Susan Jane, the Intuitist has the tools to help you. 

Be passionate about Developing your Intuition

Being so passionate about the power of intuition I’ve spent several decades teaching people about listening to theirs. It’s been my mission to develop others about how to use their intuition as guidance. To move them towards making confident decisions that bring them into alignment with their own truths and their own core values. This will ensure the fulfilment of their own goals and dreams.

Blogs to Trust your Intuition

Along the way I’ve developed tools to help people understand how intuition works and to help them strengthen that intuitive muscle. These tools are invaluable and I have seen how much they’ve helped my clients on their own personal development quests.

I’ve discovered how the transition from connecting to trusting your intuition really works. This knowing has really helped to shape lives, leading to more self assurance, ease, grace …

... and a lot less stress

Start reading to develop your intuition and learn the tricks and techniques that are available in the blog. To subscribe to the blog ensures you don't miss any new information coming out or recaps on what we may already know but forget to use.


Susan and Melly

The Mother and Daugther Dynamics with Melly and Susan

1.42 The dynamics between Mother and Daughter through the Stages of Self with Melly S.   Learn to understand your daughter by understanding yourself first. The Princess and the Mother can clash but there is a way around it. As ...
The Art of Intuition

Angel Chatter and Angelic Connection with Christine Alexandria

1.40 Angel Chatter. How to maintain balance and Angelic connection when the world seems topsy turvy by Christine Alexandria. Susan Jane chats with Christine about how she first connected with the angels and how you can as well. Arch Angel ...
The art of intuition

How to practice Channeling with Reea Pawley and Susan Jane

1.38 Susan Jane chats with Reea Pawley about how to do channeling.   Reea Pawley comes from a long line of psychics. But she differed from her family with her love of teaching and supporting others. Let Reea support you ...
The Art of Intuition Podcast

Putting your Intuitive Creative Energies to work with Martina & Susan

1.36 Susan Jane chats with Martina Waidhas about Creating your Best Life Ever. Martina Waidhas moved from her home in Germany into war-torn Croatia and really put her intuitive creator energies to work. Find out how you can do the ...
Sexual Assault -

Most survivors of sexual assault never report it. Why?

Survivors of sexual assault may never report it. Here are some of the reasons why. There’s a warning on this article by Belinda Jepsen from Mamamia and rightly so. In it four women share the complicated reasons why they didn’t ...
Monsters under the bed - Intuitive Nature

Monsters under the bed? Help your child tame them

How to help your child if they are experiencing monsters under the bed or in the cupboard or in the case of my daughter sitting in the chair beside her bed watching her. Of course, this information will be dependent ...
What is Intuition - Communication

What is Intuition?

What exactly is intuition? Intuition is a type of communication. With so many names and explanations for Intuition it is hard to know exactly what it is. It has been referred to as gut instincts, a feeling in my bones, ...
Susan Jane the Intuitist The devil got my attention

The night the Devil demanded my attention.

The night the Devil demanded my emotional attention by threatening to burn down my family home As a young teenager I didn’t like scary movies at all. They evoked too much fear in me and where there was fear there ...

How I injected $85,000 into my home, in 6 months, without lifting a finger.

Queensland Storms ... I always enjoyed school holidays with the kids especially this particular year. It was just before Christmas and we had finished feeding the potty calves on our 90-acre organic farm. We were waiting for an impending storm ...

5 Interesting Facts about holding an Intuitive Party you didn’t know before

When someone starts talking about Intuition or Intuitive Hen's Parties facts don't always come into play. People often think more about the travelling Gypsies or the psychic mystic that seems intent about warning you of some far-off possibility that could ...


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