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Reclaim your Life with Susan Jane The Intuitist

We all have the ability to develop our Intuition and it is easier now than ever before. Intuitive Nature's Blog will help you to connect, develop, trust and apply your intuition into everyday circumstances while giving you the guidance you seek. Susan Jane, the Intuitist has the tools to help you. 

Be passionate about Developing your Intuition

Being so passionate about the power of intuition I’ve spent several decades teaching people about listening to theirs. It’s been my mission to develop others about how to use their intuition as guidance. To move them towards making confident decisions that bring them into alignment with their own truths and their own core values. This will ensure the fulfilment of their own goals and dreams.

Blogs to Trust your Intuition

Along the way I’ve developed tools to help people understand how intuition works and to help them strengthen that intuitive muscle. These tools are invaluable and I have seen how much they’ve helped my clients on their own personal development quests.

I’ve discovered how the transition from connecting to trusting your intuition really works. This knowing has really helped to shape lives, leading to more self assurance, ease, grace …

... and a lot less stress

Start reading to develop your intuition and learn the tricks and techniques that are available in the blog. To subscribe to the blog ensures you don't miss any new information coming out or recaps on what we may already know but forget to use.


Essential Oils Susan jane

Essential oils to improve meditation, relaxation and visualisation for greater wellbeing.

Essential oils that are known to improve meditation, relaxation and visualisation for your greater wellbeing. Here is a list for easy reference to know which oils will improve your meditation and visualisation experiences. Essential Oils Fragrances have been an important ...
Susan Jane fun quizzes to get to know YOU

Fun and quick online quizzes to get to know who you are. Worth considering!

Just in case you have some spare time and not sure what to do with yourself have a look at these. They are fun quizzes, games and test you can do online that I have put together for you. They ...
How to throw the ultimate intuitive Hen's Party Susan Jane

How to throw the ultimate Hen’s Party that will amaze your family and friends!

Intuitive Parties are no longer limited to a certain few because we are all naturally INTUITIVE, it is part of Human NATURE. It is our INTUITIVE NATURE and we all can use it to its fullest. Here is how you ...

Visualisation Techniques that will have you receiving your hearts desires in no time

Visualisation is asking for what you want Meditation is all about receiving intuitive information whereas visualisation is about asking or creating what it is you want to receive. You must know what you want before you ask for it or ...
River Ramblings with Susan Jane

Millions of everyday people, just like you do it. Why not have a go yourself! Meditation

Meditation: In this day and age is one of the most important life skills we can practice. Millions of people do it worldwide because of the benefits it brings but it can be so hard to know where to start ...

10 easy ways to achieve Emotional Clarity and get a positive outlook on your life

Emotional clarity is about knowing, understanding and being clear about the emotions you are experiencing and why you are feeling them. When you gain emotional clarity, you have a better understanding of the direction you can take or go towards. ...
Susan Jane Practice Social Distancing

Why the Queensland election should NOT have gone ahead, putting your physical and mental health at risk.

Yesterday, amidst a never seen before pandemic, Brisbane, Gold Coast and surrounding areas were expected to vote at the local election.. In fact, we were told they had to vote or pay the fine, leading up to the election on ...

Corvid-19 “I can’t remember feeling as fearful then, with bombs and machine gun fire all around, as I do now.”

Mum and Dad celebrated their 65th Wedding Anniversary this week and I called them to see how things were going. They live in a gated community which was in a basic lock down, but they had everything they needed and ...
Ester Hicks - Abraham Hicks

Use Your Magic – Abraham Hicks

For years I have listened to Ester Hicks as she channeled Abraham. In this video she brings forward how to use your magic. The magic that we all have inside of us. The magic that comes from our spirit which ...
Susan Jane the Intuitist - Time to Reflect

Why the Coronavirus pandemic?

Why the Coronavirus pandemic, was my question this morning as I prepared for my morning meditation. However, my intuition tuned in instantaneously and started to feed back the answers even before I got close to my favourite quiet spot. Epidemiology ...


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