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Reclaim your Life with Susan Jane The Intuitist

We all have the ability to develop our Intuition and it is easier now than ever before. Intuitive Nature's Blog will help you to connect, develop, trust and apply your intuition into everyday circumstances while giving you the guidance you seek. Susan Jane, the Intuitist has the tools to help you. 

Be passionate about Developing your Intuition

Being so passionate about the power of intuition I’ve spent several decades teaching people about listening to theirs. It’s been my mission to develop others about how to use their intuition as guidance. To move them towards making confident decisions that bring them into alignment with their own truths and their own core values. This will ensure the fulfilment of their own goals and dreams.

Blogs to Trust your Intuition

Along the way I’ve developed tools to help people understand how intuition works and to help them strengthen that intuitive muscle. These tools are invaluable and I have seen how much they’ve helped my clients on their own personal development quests.

I’ve discovered how the transition from connecting to trusting your intuition really works. This knowing has really helped to shape lives, leading to more self assurance, ease, grace …

... and a lot less stress

Start reading to develop your intuition and learn the tricks and techniques that are available in the blog. To subscribe to the blog ensures you don't miss any new information coming out or recaps on what we may already know but forget to use.


Sharon’s Intuitive Calling

Source: Sharon's Intuitive Calling

Sharon’s Intuitive Calling

Painting created by Sharon inspired by spirit Sharon’s Intuitive-Flower The background This flower image was painted by a lady who had a strong calling to put this image on to canvas. I don’t know if she is an artist and ...
What is Intuition A spooky walk

The importance of Grounding

Grounding is so important and here's why. Intuitive Nature is about our natural ability to be intuitively guided. It is about how we read the intuitive signs that can help make our lives run smoothly or at the very least, according ...

Intuitive Flowers has been released

Stop making poor decisions based on other people's opinions and take control of your own destiny using Intuitive Flowers to empower your direction in life. Imagine not having to struggle to make decisions. Allowing things to flow naturally, knowing full ...
Intuitive Nature Sunrise over Burleigh

I didn’t realise how hard it was to make simple decisions

One of the hardest and most painful decisions I had to make was to end my 20 year marriage. One of the hardest and most painful decisions I had to make was to end my 20 year marriage. Of course ...

Happy New Year

Flowers represent our goals in life however when choosing an image of a flower for your goals you will naturally lean towards using your emotions to pick the image. This is where your intuitive flowers highlight areas in your life ...


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