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Motivate your Team Intuitively

Want to motivate your business group and create team cohesion without having to say a thing? Then this is the workshop for you and your team.

Creating team cohesion falls squarely in the lap of the team leader, supervisor or manager and their ability to communicate correctly with each team member. But communication is a two way street and each team member has certain preferences even they may not be aware of.

Stop trying so hard. Relax a little and let your team show you how they need to be motivated. Without speaking a word you can find out exactly what motivates your team to achieve the business goals

The Objective: This workshop will determine the individual’s preferences so the team leader can communicate and interact with each team member appropriately thus creating team cohesion.

True Personal Power

Discover the secret to creating higher levels of team cohesion without performance pressure

We know that elite sports people already have the knowledge and skills to perform at their very best. However, often performing at these higher levels can create undue pressure on the individual and exactly the same can occur in the business world. This can lead to performance anxiety, lack of trust, and personal stress, which reflects on the culture and finances of the business.

Addressing this type of anxiety starts with believing in one’s own ability to create a positive future, an open and trusting mindset and knowing how to approach any setbacks. Beginning at the grass roots level of the business ensures talented team members can continue and intuitively achieve, not only their business goals but their personal goals as well.

During the workshop your team members will learn why they could be feeling pressured and how to …

  • Negotiate that Pressure
  • Focus on their Internal Guidance
  • Help Support their Team Members and Club
  • Achieve their personal goals Naturally
  • And Create a positive, trusting Mindset

Think you've heard it all before?


These workshops address motivation on a different level.

These workshops go even deeper than your regular "mindset" workshops. There is no thinking involved only doing, and it is exactly what their intuition is telling them to do. Consequently, they are for businesses who understand that their team members do not turn off from the personal life and switch on the business when they walk in the door. Both are so intrinsically linked that the only common denominator is their intuition. If they can follow and relate to their intuition your team will achieve goals far beyond the business expectations. 

These workshops are for Businesses who are:

    • Supportive of their employee’s mental health
    • Looking for that extra edge for their staff team members
    • Wanting to promote a positive business culture
    • Encouraging their employees to be their very best
    • Aware of the benefits of positive mindfulness
Susan Jane - The Intuitist - Intuitive Parties

Business Teams are like Sporting Teams but with different Goals

One high ranking coach said to me, “Our players all know how to play the game. They have the skills, the knowledge and know what is expected of them. What I can’t teach them is the confidence to trust their gut. To go with what they believe is correct thing to do while in play”. He said “If they don’t believe in themselves then it doesn’t matter what I do, what the teams does or what the club does. They must believe in themselves first.”

Believing in yourself applies to all teams whether it is one the sporting field or in the corporate office. Most of the team members know what to do, even how to do it but very few know how to follow their own natural instincts. To bring forward those ideas, thoughts or gut feelings about the situation or the ability to achieve the goals.

Like in business, the competition for most sporting teams is not the other teams, clubs or in this case Business. The competition is within each and every team member to be the very best that they can be. The only way they can do that is to confidently and naturally strive towards the goal using every part of themselves including their Intuition.

"The intuitive mind is a sacred gift and the rational mind is a faithful servant."

Albert Einstein

A bit about Susan Jane

Susan Jane has a bachelor’s Degree in Public Health, is a Cert IV Trainer and Assessor, Cert IV in Business, Cert IV in Remedial Massage and is a Life Coach. As well as:

  • Owned her own dance school by the age of 18
  • Managed a Resort in the Whitsundays in her 20’s
  • Has 25 years’ experience as a Team Sports Trainer on many sporting fields including
    • 15 years with Football Queensland
    • Gold Coast United A League - Youth
    • Brisbane Roar / QAS Women’s
  • Holds two International business awards for Innovation
  • Was Nominee for Australian of the Year
  • Is a Published Author, Online Course Creator, Podcast Host and Speaker
Susan Jane Intuitive Nature

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Get clear on your Teams Direction

Frequently asked questions

Workshops take between 2 - 3 hours

All materials are provided for

Cancellations are a natural occurrence

A guided mindset meditation is included

Any food supplied by event holder

Printed worksheets or journals provided

Personal readings are part of the event

Imagine … having an inner voice of wisdom that tells you what to do to achieve your heart’s desires, how to reach your emotional goals … Well that’s exactly what your intuition does.

Life has become so full of information that it is often difficult to decide what to take on board, what to let go of. And exactly what your intuition sounds or looks like.

An Art of Intuition Workshop shows you know exactly what your intuition is telling you. At the same time your team leader or coach discovers the best ways to communicate with the group and the individual.

Perfect to bring your team together on the same level ... Intuitively.

Book your event today!

This workshop has the opportunity to create subtle yet incredible differences such as:

  • Sustained team involvement and stronger team stability
  • Team members that work, respond and react, in and out of the business, intuitively
  • Increased interactions and support for the business or team goal
  • The physical, mental and emotional support that money just can't buy
  • A positive flow on effect to all other work colleagues, corporate and non-team members

We know this will benefit your team leader and give your team members a better understanding of who they are and what they intuitively require to achieve their goals.

Book an opportunity to help your team leaders create cohesion teams. Teams who have the best intuitive team members, both in and out of the office.

Call now Susan Jane 0438 111 174 or email [email protected]

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