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Decision Making

Intuitive Nature The Emperor

The Intuitive Emperor – An overall look at 2020

By Susan Jane / January 18, 2020 /

‘Receiving intuitive wisdom to instigate positive physical power.’ In 2020 we move into the decade of the Emperor following the last 10 years of the Empress ruling. The Empress is nurturing and creative and works in a more passive way compared to the energy of the Emperor. If the Empress used passive creativity within business,…

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Susan Jane The Intuitist Speaker

Have you ever had a vision in life that really scared the crap out of you?

By Susan Jane / October 28, 2019 /

Have you ever had a vision about your life that really scared the crap out of you? I’m not talking scary movies, I’m talking about positive things that seem too far fetched for you to reach.  Ones that you know you are destined to do but are completely outside your comfort zone. In other words…

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Let intuition be your guide - Intuitive Nature

Intuition: Let it be your Guide

By Susan Jane / April 20, 2019 /

 “Intuition is a sense of knowing how to act spontaneously, without needing to know why.” SLYVIA CLARE Intuition is a special gift … Intuition is often considered as a special guiding gift and is part of our primitive nature. It is classed more as an instinct or a gut feeling, rather than logical reasoning. Intuition…

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What is Emotional Intelligence?

By Susan Jane / February 28, 2018 /

Learning the hard way Learning the hard way I come from a background that included a 20 year emotionally abusive relationship. Thus I needed to understand what emotions where, what they are about and why we have them. I developed Emotional Intelligence the hard way like most of us, through trail and error. What feels…

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Personal Growth Expo

By Susan Jane / January 13, 2017 /

Are you looking for new ways to grow your business? Is a healthy, balanced lifestyle important for you? Are you passionate about your personal development? With so much information around regarding how to run your business, how to maintain a healthy lifestyle or how to stay connected, it’s hard to know exactly what is best…

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Intuitive Flowers Susan Jane The Intuitist

Linn’s Intuitive Flower

By Susan Jane / March 18, 2016 /

Linn didn’t inform me as to her goal therefore a general flower reading will be done. If, for example, this was a relationship goal the information would have been clearer and the examples used would have targeted the goal. Nevertheless this beautiful flower arrangement is really worth talking about. A situation has occurred that has…

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