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Susan Jane the Intuitist The devil got my attention

The night the Devil demanded my attention.

By Susan Jane / May 26, 2020 /

The night the Devil demanded my emotional attention by threatening to burn down my family home As a young teenager I didn’t like scary movies at all. They evoked too much fear in me and where there was fear there was always negative energies. I just didn’t like feeling that way. Besides I had enough…

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Susan Jane The Intuitist Speaker

Have you ever had a vision in life that really scared the crap out of you?

By Susan Jane / October 28, 2019 /

Have you ever had a vision about your life that really scared the crap out of you? I’m not talking scary movies, I’m talking about positive things that seem too far fetched for you to reach.  Ones that you know you are destined to do but are completely outside your comfort zone. In other words…

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Brisbane Roar and Football Queensland

Through the eyes of a Sports Trainer

By Susan Jane / February 21, 2018 /

Professional Sports Trainer I am a professional sports trainer for the Brisbane Roar Women’s league under 17’s. This is the feeder team to the National Women’s League for Brisbane Roar Football and where the football talent scouts search for upcoming Matilda’s to play in the Australian team. When I was young I played a lot…

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Dream Analysis by Susan Jane The Intuitist

The Meaning Behind Common Dreams

By Susan Jane / February 15, 2018 /

Dream Analysis Analysing dreams has become a big business subject with thousands of books, internet webpages and online magazines discussing what they mean. It seems everyone has a meaning for the things we dream about and there are millions of different signs and symbols that can relate to us in our dreaming state. However I…

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Intuitive Flowers Susan Jane The Intuitist

Linn’s Intuitive Flower

By Susan Jane / March 18, 2016 /

Linn didn’t inform me as to her goal therefore a general flower reading will be done. If, for example, this was a relationship goal the information would have been clearer and the examples used would have targeted the goal. Nevertheless this beautiful flower arrangement is really worth talking about. A situation has occurred that has…

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