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Susan Jane The Intuitist @ Intuitive Nature

Courses and Packages

Flower Reading On-Line Courses

On line courses have all of the written information in them plus videos to help explain each section. You receive the full PDF of the lesson and a brief summary you can use as notes.

By clicking on the image you will be taken to the official Intuitive Flowers Academy so you can decide on which course to take.

Each course builds in knowledge and if you do the Professional level you will get all of the information of the Basic, Intermediate and Advance course. If you choose the Intermediate you will get all of the Basic plus more.  Pick the highest course you want to take and the other courses are included.

Basic Courses - Have the basic knowledge of flower reading which is fun and interactive and will surprise you at its accuracy.

Intermediate Courses - Bring in more elements of flower reading and what the flower parts mean. Great to test on family members and friends to build confidence in your readings.

Advance Courses - Covers off in all aspects of flower readings. Everything you need to know to perform complete flower readings with precision and accuracy.

Professional Courses - Give you all of the Advance plus what you will need to hold your own workshops or create a professional flower reading business.

Tree Reading Packages Available

All Intuitive Packages are downloadable directly after purchasing them. YOu can save the PDF's to use over and over again as you develop and learn to trust your intuition.

These packages are about Intuitive Trees. How to do Tree Readings that delve into your guests intuitive understanding. They are fun and interactive but can really surprise those who are doing the Tree Drawings.

Make sure you have plenty of paper and colouring in pencils when you start performing your Intuition Tree Drawings.

Intuitive Party Packages - Have the basic understanding of how to hold an Intuitive Party with hints and ideas on expanding the Intuitive Trees.

Hen's Party Packages - Have the Intuitive Trees element for fun and interactive ways of holding a party and it has a lot more with it. How to do card readings, mandala's and the full booklet to help you explain all of the aspects correctly while you are getting used to your intuition kicking in.

Professional Presenter Packages - Is all of the above plus how to hold a professional party or workshop with even more information. The Hen's party will have a breakdown on doing a three card spread. The Professional package has that plus how you read the cards for the guest giving you more of an overall intuitive outlook to help them.

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