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Online Courses and Packages to Develop your Intuition
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Develop your intuition with an online course or download a package.

Simply by using the packages below or signing up for one of the on-line courses. Now you have the ability to practice developing your Intuition in the comfort of your own home. All courses have a basic introductory video for the course and PDF’s to download. The Video gives you a brief understanding of the course while the PDF’s go into the full details which step you through each stage. Connecting with your intuition is the basic course for you. Developing your intuition is the intermediate level and brings in family and friends. Trusting your intuition extends your readings to a community level and Applying your intuition bring in the financial elements to create your own business from the course. Imagine your own flower reading business helping others achieve their goals by understanding what their intuition is telling them through flowers. Remember you don’t have to start at the beginning. All of the courses have the basics and the information is increased as the levels go up.

The Intuitive packages give you the full benefit of connecting with your intuition. At the same time you are supporting your guests. The easy to follow instructions take you step by step through each element for a fun and interactive Intuitive Party.

On Line Flower Reading Courses

To have a look at the full range of Flower Reading courses available and to catch up on the new ones being released go to the Intuitive Flowers Academy for details. Now you can surprise your friends and influence your family by Mastering the Art of Flower Readings by Intuitive Nature.

For more information about any of the products or courses here click on the image for more details.

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