The presentations available through Intuitive Nature all revert back to our intuitions and our emotions and the video here explains why.

Presentations about emotions are currently being created for High Schools and include subjects such as:

  • So what is your Life Purpose?
  • Creating Emotional Mastery
  • Pyramid Goal Setting
  • How to really achieve your Goals
  • How NOT to be a Bully

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Have you ever been told you over-analyse?

I have on many occasions but today when the Star Track man delivered my parcel he asked me what business I was in I was taken back at his response.

I explain that I was an author and speaker about all things Intuitive. My company was called Intuitive Nature and I focus on developing, trusting and utilising your Intuition to make sound, confident decisions.

‘Ahh,’ he said in a slightly put out voice. ‘Women’s Intuition. You know sometimes I think that’s just people over analysing stuff?’

Well this really struck a chord in me as I have often been told I over analyse things and I knew intuitively he had experienced prior issues with his partner, about things he had said or done, which she obviously questioned him about.

I’ve been told that I question things too much, I feel too much, I should stop thinking about things and let them go, I don’t need to understand everything, or my favourite … stop over analysing it, it was only a joke. What is a joke to someone can be hurtful to another and yet when you express your discomfort you’re told to ‘stop over analysing.’

So once the Star Track man left I did what every good over analyser would do when given a statement like that, I analysed why it struck a chord in me. I wanted to get my head around the emotion it caused to see if intuition and over analysing had something in common.

When I analyse something I want to get a grip of what is happening, why it is happening and what the results could be if it continued. I do this in an effort to improve, develop or personally grow in my life, to become someone or something better. I only analyse things that have affected me in some way. It has to be important and have a strong emotional effect on me for me to analyse it at all.

So, if something is that important and creating a strong enough emotional effect I want to get an understanding from it. You can imagine how it feels when you’re told to stop over analysing! Especially when it’s your partner or friend who has pressed the emotional discord in you.

Peter Brock

OK so this is about over analysing emotions, something a lot of men might not understand, but emotions are as important to me as Holden was to Peter Brock. Would it be right to say that maybe the Holden racing team over analysed the car and should have just let it be. Who cares if the fuel injection system had a glitch or if the car body was heavy creating more drag? Really! Do you need to look into a car race that deeply? Can’t you just go faster or ignore that flat spot when the motor roars to life? Of course that wouldn’t be heard of, in fact every single aspect of those racing cars is analysed over and over again because the team know it is important to them and they are never satisfied when they know things can be continuously improved on.

Jeff Horn

Imagine if Jeff Horn’s coach told him to just get into the boxing ring and ‘Beat the crap outta the other guy!’ One can only guess the years of dedication in over analysing every aspect of that sport, in every manner possible, to achieve the ultimate career goal. One of the biggest areas that would have been analysed nonstop for the last twelve months would have been Jeff’s attitude to the bout. Constant tweaking and testing of his physical, mental and emotional beliefs as he trained would have been an upmost priority but isn’t that just over analysing?

It appears that when it comes to our feelings or emotions we are not allowed to overanalyse but on other things we are. Hmmm very confusing but what has that got to do with our intuition?

Emotions and Intuition go hand in hand and it is the analysing or reflecting inwards that allows your Intuition to develop quicker and more accurately. The only real way to develop your Intuitive strengths and grow personally is to reflect on your emotions and yes that means analysing them over and over again.

Personal Growth isn’t just about your skills in business or getting your physical body healthy, it is also about your mindset and your emotions. Let’s face it if you don’t love doing something, or have the passion and drive to achieve your goals then you will be struggling in those areas of life.

Get your head right to achieve your goals. Get your body right so you can physically achieve your goals and get your business right so you can enjoy the fruits of your labour or at least feel great about it.