Connecting Intuition

We connect to our Intuition in different ways.

Therefore knowing the best way you connect can clarify your direction and bring confident results.

Intuition is beyond any doubt; it is a deep-seated knowing, one that creates an automatic response. When you connect with it, you respond or act accordingly and you are beyond questioning it. It is more than a feeling; it is a knowing.

Beliefs can be influenced by culture, creating differences, tensions and doubts about that belief. Intuition is a knowing; you know what to do, you know what to say, you know how to do it without ever being taught. You don’t question it, you don’t think twice about it, you act upon it, not knowing why or second-guessing it.

A knowing or intuition is a thought, an action or a feeling that does not hold any doubt. Intuition has also been classed as innate knowledge, a type of knowledge we are already aware of and connecting with this knowledge is what intuition is all about.

How do you connect with your intuition?

What are the vibes you feel when your intuition is at its peak? 

So…if you’re ready to dive in, play, learn and blossom….

Head over to this page and see How easy it is to start Tuning In.

Learn how to read live flowers in an easy step by step manner to connect with your intuition using a neutral object with high impact. Fun and interactive.  

Don't be restricted to live flowers when you can Google flower images and show more intuitive information on how to reach your emotional goals.

Create a deeper connection by reading flower drawings. This has a two fold effect as your intuition draws the image and you read the results.