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Meditation, deep breathing, and the right environment are the optimal ways of receiving intuitive signs clearly and thus developing your intuition. However, we often do not have the space or the personal freedom to grab an extra five minutes to sit quietly, let alone meditate with the incense burning and soft music playing in the background! You can be sure that the kids will come screaming around the corner, or the phone will beep, telling you there’s a message.

Intuitive Flowers

Life has become so full of information that it is hard to decide what you want to take on board and what you want to let go of. Intuitive Flowers inspires you to trust your intuitive decisions as you focus on a flower drawing, representing your emotional aspirations towards your goals in life.

Intuitive Flowers - Mother's Day

Introductory Course - Learn Flower Readings

Live Flower Readings

Unveil the enchanting world of live flower readings in our Introductory Course. Discover the language of flowers as you explore the significance of stems, leaves, petals, colors, and the essence within the flower center. Through interactive exercises, develop a deeper connection to your intuition and gain the confidence to trust its guidance. Join us on this transformative journey of self-discovery and intuitive awakening.

Intermediate Course - Blossoming Intuitively

Intuitive Flower Readings

Take your flower reading skills to the next level with our Intermediate Course. Dive deeper into the symbolic meanings of flowers as you explore their history, shapes, sizes, presentations, and the emotions evoked by their colors. Expand your intuitive abilities through comprehensive PDFs and engaging videos. Enhance your practice with invaluable tools such as color charts, numbers guides, a personal journal, and a quick reference guide. Elevate your flower readings and deepen your connection to the profound wisdom of nature.

Advanced Course - Thriving Intuitively

Reading Flower Images

Embark on an advanced exploration of flower imagery in our comprehensive course. Uncover the secrets hidden within flower images as you delve into topics such as flower size, position, presentation, backgrounds, stems, leaves, and more. Decode the intricate messages conveyed through colors, shapes, and numbers. Immerse yourself in detailed PDFs and captivating videos that unveil the profound meanings behind each element. Empower yourself with four sought-after tools, including a color chart, journal, numbers guide, and quick reference guide. Master the art of reading flower images and unlock a deeper understanding of yourself and others.

Professional Course - Flourishing Intuitively

Art Reading Workshops

Ignite your entrepreneurial spirit with our Professional Course in Art Reading Workshops. Gain the skills and knowledge to create and host captivating workshops that fuse intuitive art reading with profound insights. Explore topics such as intuition, goals, personas, flower presentations, protection, attraction, emotions, and more. Equip yourself with extensive PDFs, explanatory videos, and essential resources like color charts, numbers guides, a personal journal, and a quick reference guide. Unlock your potential to guide others through transformative experiences and create a thriving business of your own.

Now you can practice what you want when you want to the Art of Intuition online courses. Pick and choose the type of course you want and pick when you want to study it in your own home. Intuition is at your fingertips and your life just took a whole new turn for the better.

Intuitive Flowers Online Courses

Courses Structure and Breakdown

Courses & Programs

Discover your strongest form of communicating with your Inner Wisdom - Free Quiz

Free Quiz to Unlock Your Intuitive Nature

In a world filled with constant distractions, it's easy to lose touch with our inner selves and the unique intuitive gifts that guide our lives. But fear not, as we invite you to embark on a transformative journey of self-discovery with our Intuitive Nature Quiz.

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The Art of Intuition Intuitive Nature

Advanced Course – Reading Flower Images

With Thriving Intuitively, in as little as 5.5 hours, you CAN have a deeper understanding of yourself and what you want in life. It will help to highlight your emotional goals, explore who you have become, and, in turn, allow you to develop a stronger relationship with who you are NOW. Isn't time you invested in yourself to create the best possible version of you?

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Intuitive Nature Trust mastery Program

Reclaim your Life – Trust Mastery Program

Reclaim your life by learning how to trust your Intuition. This 16-week online program will give you back your power to reclaim your life and make confident decisions going forward. Unless we have trust in our abilities we cannot make clear decisions in our lives. Numbers are limited, for this one-on-one program so expressions of interest are being taken. Book now!

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$ 74.95
Creating Happiness The Art of Intuition

Creating Happiness Program

Stuck in lock down? Looking for something different to do that will create happiness in our heart? This membership program sends you out the items you need to SEE what your intuition is guiding you towards. You have access to a personally designed online course to help you understand the intuitive messages. Plus you get a free reading. Join up NOW!

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Develop your Super Power

Tools to Develop Your Intuition

Discovering purpose in your life can be pretty tricky. This four-hour course will highlight to you how your intuition is interacting with your personality to build confidence and trust. See what your intuition is telling you about your purpose in life in this unique Intuitive Trees Course. Great for coaches to add another layer to their programs. Enroll now!

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$ 24.95
Connecting relationships Intuitive Vibes

Making Real Energy Connections

Relate a whole lot better with your partner, family or business colleagues with this easy to follow course. Intuitive Vibes get your connections flowing as you learn about the seven levels on connection. Step ahead of the rest and discover who is best to connect with and who you should let go. Intuitive Vibes your seven levels of true connections.

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Flourishing Intuitively The Art of Intuition

Professional Course – Art Reading Workshops

With Flourishing Intuitively, in under 10 hours, you CAN present to your own audience and permanently add to your own spiritual-based services. It can show you how to guide others to a deeper understanding of themselves, through the Art of Intuitive Flowers, and in the process, create a new revenue stream for yourself. Book Now

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$ 34.95
forest heat by sunbeam Intuitive Trees

Discovering Your Purpose

Discover your life purpose or hold an event with your friends. Whether it is for a once off Bridal Shower or Hen’s Night or you are looking at creating your own small business you will find this program not only enjoyable and fun to do, you will also find it interesting. Learn more about how your intuition is guiding you on your life purpose and the effects it has on you.

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$ 54.95

Intermediate Course – Intuitive Flower Readings

Blossoming Intuitively is the full Live Flower Reading Course that shows you how to read flowers. In as little as 4.5 hours, you CAN have the answers you are seeking. Unlock the motivation you need to achieve your goals, understand the deep seated meaning behind them and attract the right kind of energy you need to achieve in life.

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$ 7.95
What is Intuition - Communication

Introductory Course – Live Flower Readings

Imagine … having an inner voice of wisdom that tells you what to do to achieve all your heart’s desires, your emotional goals … Well that’s exactly what your intuition does. Gather a deeper understanding of your Intuition through the Artistry of Flower Readings. Here you will discover what your intuition is guiding you towards just by looking at your Live Flower.

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