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Making Real Energy Connections

Connecting relationships Intuitive Vibes
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The secret to influencing real energy connections – Intuitive Vibes On Line Course

There were time when I got very confused. I would feel an instant magnetism to someone only to discover that person wasn’t a good match, either personally or in business.

Yet at other times, the attraction wasn’t there but when a connection was made and the results were fantastic. I didn’t understand the connections I was making and the impact that had on the relationship.

When I discovered how to connect properly with people both personally and in business my whole world changed. I can now connect with people on a level that makes them comfortable and I know exactly what their intentions are.

  • You can attract a partner who is in line with your true core values
  • Find someone who resonates at the same frequency as you do, making you more compatible.
  • Network with the right people and understanding the level they are coming from.
  • Alter or adjust your interactions to suit everyone needs including yourself
  • Your communication and interactions with your children and family will improved immeasurably.

Energy Connection

Sharing this energy experience will show you how to really connect with people using the correct exchange of energy for both parties. What you will learn in this on line course is about the seven different chakras and how they move energy between the physical and the spiritual you. This is perfect for connecting with family, friends and business workmates.

Each chakra has a unique ability to collect and transfer energetic information using the vibration of that chakra in relation to the vibration of the energetic information. You are going to love how simple this is and yet how detailed it can become once you really delve deep into your connections.

Making Real Connections

Intuitive Vibes takes you through each chakra, what it means and how it connects. So you get used to connecting with everyone this way. The more levels you connect on the better the relationships you will have.

Making real connections is a simple as understanding the energy exchanges we have in our body and how to best use them. Now you can also learn the technique of making real connections by digging deeper into what chakras are and how they can really help us.

So who I am?

Who is Susan Jane, the woman in love with Ah-Ha! moments, personal development and obsessed with connecting people to their own intuitive knowledge?

Well in my late 20’s, I was very similar to you. I didn’t know what I wanted and didn’t know where I wanted to go in life. What I DID know was that I was deeply interested in developing my spirituality & intuition (although it was considered a ‘bad’ thing to most of my family.) 

One day I found myself at a spiritual workshop where I was introduced to flower readings and my life was never the same again.

In the time it took to learn how to intuitively read that little white daisy with gold flecks, nestled comfortably in my brown paper bag. I learned to start trusting in myself and my own inner wisdom.

That moment was the catalyst to me becoming confident enough to follow my own intuition, chase my own emotional goals and start my natural therapies and healing clinic. But it didn’t end there. Over the years, that knowing within me, led me to be nominated for Australian of the Year and become a Multi-International Business Award Winner. 

Knowing how much that simple white daisy profoundly changed my life. I wanted to share this beautiful technique and others like it and expand it even further. That is when I went into Energy healing and opened my own Natural therapies Clinic. Here I furthered my studies on how our Chakras connect and energy healing.

So I stepped into intuitive life coaching, initiated a Podcast called The Art of Intuition and created online courses. This will help women effortlessly transition through their life changing moments by trusting in their intuition. All because I KNOW, the key to having everything you want in life is to learn to trust in you.

Want to know more?

Ok, so you want more details. No problems! Here is what you get when you invest in the program:

  • Intuition
  • Base Chakra
  • Sacral Chakra
  • Solar Plexus Chakra
  • Heart Chakra
  • Throat Chakra
  • Third Eye Chakra
  • Crown Chakra
  • Bringing it Together

To Summarize

Here is what you will gather from doing this interactive and thoroughly enjoyable course.

Not only do you get a better understanding of who you are and what your intuition is guiding you towards. You also gather more knowledge about how your intuition communicates with you. This gives you the best way to go forward. You will become better at listening to your intuitive guidance as the messages come through your chakras.

This means you really begin to trust in who you are and how your intuition is guiding you. Decision making is so easy when you trust your intuition. If you do get stuck, wait a bit and your answer will come through for you. The more you connect on the different levels the better your relationships will be.

The Art of Intuition Podcast

If you want to get more knowledge on Trusting your intuition tune into the  The Art of Intuition podcast on all the major podcasting platforms. You will be surprised just how much you already know about where you are going and why you are going there.

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