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Thriving Intuitively Course

The Art of Intuition Intuitive Nature
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Motherhood has changed you.

It has allowed your loving and caring nature to deepen in ways you never thought possible (and you wouldn’t have it any other way!)… but it has also transformed the very nature of who you are.

Those things you once loved, no longer bring you joy.

Those moments that once made you feel alive, now seem ordinary.

Those friendships that once seemed so important, now seem shallow.

None of it has the depth and connection you are now craving.

You’ve become a Rose Bush in winter.

You know you are capable of flourishing into a beautiful plant whose sweet scent can fill a room with love. But right now? Well, all the work is happening below the surface. Those roots are seeking, searching, growing deeper and deeper into the soil, getting ready for when Spring comes and you can once more share your beauty with the world.

It’s why you have begun to create space in your life and are seeking a more meaningful way to put yourself first.

And I have something to help you do just that.


Developing your relationship with you

Thriving intuitively will help you gain a deeper understanding of yourself.

It will help to highlight your emotional goals, explore who you have become, and, in turn, allow you to develop a stronger relationship with who you are NOW.

So if you are over feeling disconnected, hollow and frustrated and are ready to get a clear understanding of who you are other than ‘MUUUUUUMMM!!!’ And you know you are worthy of your own goals and independent identity outside of the role of Nurturer, then keep reading.

Thriving intuitively is not like the other self-development courses. This is NOT a ‘have-a-bubble-bath Self Care’ course. Through my unique methods, I show you how to connect with yourself on a deeper level, in under 15 minutes per day, and with nothing more than a simple flower image and your own intuition. Really!

You don’t need to be a spiritual master.

And you don’t need to spend hours meditating.

You just need to learn to trust in yourself.

Here’s how you will learn to thrive, develop and deepen your self-relationship:

  • Video tutorials showing you how to use Intuitively picked Flower Images to understand yourself on a deeper level
  • Downloadables and ‘Quick Reference Guides’ so you can use this information in your daily life, at any time
  • Step by step in-depth instructions on the elements of a flower and what these represent to give you a concise, clear and detailed reading about your emotional goals

But here’s the thing.

This isn’t for everyone. So if you are a highly strung mum and can’t find time to work on yourself, then this is definitely not for you. (No shame either way! I WAS that Mum at one point in my life!)

But if you are at that point where you can commit to your own self-development and want to stop listening to all the useless advice about who you should be, and listen to someone who truly knows (YOU!) then it’s time to invest 15 minutes per day on yourself.

I know. I know. It all sounds a little bit ‘out there’ and now you are thinking.

Thriving Intuitively seems a bit weird so:

Could this really help me to know myself better?
Will this really work for me in just 15 minutes per day?
Can I really do this just by choosing a flower image?

Look when I first started doing flower readings, even I was surprised at just how much information could be obtained from something as simple as a flower and my own intuition. But I promise, what took me years to understand and develop, I will share with you in a quick, fun, and easy way that could even be done during the afternoon School pickup line. That way, finding the time to nurture your own individual identity outside of the role of ‘Mum’ doesn’t feel so daunting.

But don’t just take my word for it…

So who is Susan Jane?

Who is Susan Jane, the woman in love with Ah-Ha! moments, personal development, and obsessed with connecting people to their own intuitive knowledge?

Well, it started with being dumped at the doctor’s surgery by my ex-husband and being told to ‘Get something for it’. (Great guy right?) At the time, I had no idea what he was referring to and yet when I sat in front of the Doctor, all I could do was cry.

That amazing Doctor handed me two pieces of paper.

The first was a prescription for drugs.

The second was a list of self-development books.

I took the list of books.

Those books reminded me I had forgotten to follow my own intuitive knowings within the pressures of motherhood and my toxic relationship. As I absorbed the knowledge contained within those pages, my intuition began to stand up strong and clear once more, slowly pulling together the logical pieces of learning that resonated with my understanding of my own inner self.

That learning was the catalyst for me becoming confident in myself and my own emotional goals, following my intuitive nudges, and leaving that toxic relationship.

But it didn’t end there.

I then had the strength and inner support to start my natural therapies & healing clinic and over the years, was nominated for Australian of the Year and then became a Multi-International Business Award Winner.

Knowing how much the learning from those books (coupled with my existing knowledge of flower readings) profoundly changed my life, I wanted to share this beautiful technique with others so they, too, could learn to trust themselves.

So I stepped into intuitive life coaching, initiated a Podcast called The Art of Intuition with Susan Jane, and created courses to help women effortlessly transition through their life-changing moments by trusting in their intuition. All because I KNOW, the key to having everything you want in life is to learn to trust in yourself.

Thriving Intuitively Course

Ok, so you want more details. No problems! Here is what you get when you invest in the Thriving Intuitively Course:

  • Introduction
  • Intuition
  • Goals, Images & Personas
  • Image Format – Motivation
  • The Flower Size – Personality
  • The Position of the Flower – Knowledge
  • Flower Presentation – Relationships
  • Flower Background – History
  • The Stem – The Journey
  • Leaves – Your Guides
  • The Calyx – Protection
  • The Petals – Attraction
  • Colors – Emotions
  • Shapes in the image – Behaviours
  • The Numbers – Balance
  • The Centre of the Flower – Love
  • Extras – Influences
  • Bringing it Together
  • Conclusion

Plus you also get:

The four extra tools are packed with information to steer you in the right direction. Such as a color chart, your own journal, a numbers chart, and a reference guide for you to print. And of course, the closing video that brings the reading all together at the end. 

So to summarize:

  • You get pdf’s about each subject or topic that gives you enough detail to perform your own Flower Image Readings. 
  • There are videos that explain the subjects or topics in general so you don’t have to read the pdf’s. 
  • You get another three videos to welcome you, introduce you to the course and close the course with added information. 
  • You also get four highly sort after tools that will help you get an easy understanding to their relevant subjects. 

Thriving Intuitively Reading Flower Images Online Course – To help the mother in us.

VALUE: $227.00

Price: $147.95

Still not sure exactly what a flower reading is? Watch this to see a Flower Image Reading recorded for a client.

So to summarize Thriving Intuitively for the last time. Here is what will gather from doing this interactive and thoroughly enjoyable course.

Not only do you get a better understanding of who you are and what your intuition is guiding you towards. You also gather more knowledge about how your intuition communicates with you and the best way to go forward with that. The more flower readings you do the better you will become at listening to your intuitive guidance and following through on it.

This in turn means you really begin to trust in who you are and what your intuition is guiding you towards. Decision-making becomes so easy and if you do get stuck wait a few minutes or even overnight and your answer will come through for you.

If you want to get more knowledge on Trusting your intuition tune into The Art of Intuition podcast on all the major podcasting platforms and you will be surprised just how much you already know about where you are going and why you are going there.

More videos and examples on the YouTube station The Art of Intuition

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