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Reclaim your Life – Trust Mastery Program

Intuitive Nature Trust mastery Program
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Trust Mastery Program

My life was created for a purpose, to be lived at its fullest potential and I am at my happiest when I am helping others ‘get it’, whatever their ‘it’ is. Because often it is our ‘it’ that is holding us back. We can’t get this done because of … it or I can’t do that because ‘it’ won’t allow it. When we focus inwards and get our ‘it’ or we ‘get it’ TRUST is created within us and with this trust comes the ability to grow.

Trusting yourself allows you make decisions about your life or your business because it brings out the authentic you. You become in line with your true core values and your gut instincts kick in to guide the way. This TRUST gives you the ability to go forward and achieve your dreams, warts and all, with confidence, drive, and determination.

Trust Mastery Structure

Here is the program structure but please be mindful that it is subject to change depending on how the attendees are coping with the transformation of their lives. However, you will receive all of the information over the sixteen weeks plus a few other things.

Trusting ourselves to believe, achieve and receive.

Self-Awareness – What is TRUST and why does it matter?

  • Self-Talk – Regular communication in the correct manner
  • Self-Respect – Values, skills, integrity, time
  • Self-Honesty – Be true to yourself, You’re unique
  • Self-Trust – Being trustworthy to you and others will follow

Self-Confidence – Building TRUST through personal understanding and knowledge

  • Self-Appreciation – List your successes to see the distance you have come
  • Self-Care – Be patient and consistent. Know your triggers
  • Self-Worth – See yourself from another perspective
  • Self- Reflect – Only you are in charge of you but do you know who you are?

Self-Reliance – TRUST your decisions by putting your knowledge into action

  • Meditation, spend time with yourself, what is your Higher Source telling you?
  • Visualisation, developing solutions for the future
  • Association, Increase your positive sources, adjust your social media
  • Intuition, bringing all aspect together with a holistic approach

Self-Love – Expressing TRUST in yourself unconditionally

  • Protect yourself – Set loving clear boundaries so everyone knows
  • Accept yourself – Wake up and celebrate who you are
  • Allow yourself – Making mistakes is how we learn
  • Trust yourself – Finding your happy, intuitive medium

Currently this program is running as an independent program where we discuss the set days we want to meet and how we are going to proceed through it. Being a bespoke program gives you full control over when and how you create trust in your life.

So who I am?

Who is Susan Jane, the woman in love with Ah-Ha! moments, personal development, and obsessed with connecting people to their own intuitive knowledge?

Well in my late 20’s, I was very similar to you. I didn’t know what I wanted and didn’t know where I wanted to go in life. What I DID know was that I was deeply interested in developing my spirituality & intuition (although it was considered a ‘weird’ thing to most of my family.) 

One day I found myself at a spiritual workshop where I was introduced to flower readings and my life was never the same again.

In the time it took to learn how to intuitively read that little white daisy with gold flecks, nestled comfortably in my brown paper bag, I learned to start trusting in myself and my own inner wisdom.

Not sure of Trust Mastery as yet? Then follow me on Facebook if you want to get to know me.

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