Intuitive Flower Readings

The Art of Flower Reading is called Flowermancy

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Flower Readings for physical, emotional, & spiritual guidance

Feeling lost in the maze of life? Uncertain about which path to choose? Need some clarity to navigate through the confusion? We understand the struggle.

Life can throw us curveballs, leaving us feeling confused, overwhelmed, and unsure of our next steps. It’s easy to get caught up in the whirlwind of indecision, leaving us stagnant and disconnected from our true desires. But don’t worry, because there’s a solution just waiting to bloom.

Introducing Intuitive Flower Readings – the key to unlocking your inner guidance and finding the clarity you seek. Our skilled intuitive flower readers have mastered the art of tapping into the energy of nature’s blooms to provide personalized insights and guidance.

Personalised Intuitive Flower Readings

During your Flower Reading session, you are given the power to choose the flower image that truly resonates with you from the millions of options available online. With the freedom to choose any flower that speaks to you, you are not restricted toa deck of cards or the flowers in season.

Some of the things that a reading can help you navigate:

  • Confused, unsure of what direction to take, or just need a bit of clarity.
  • Feeling lost or uncertain about your purpose in life
  • Struggling with stress, anxiety, or depression
  • Coping with grief or loss of a loved one
  • Stuck in a toxic relationship, job, or lifestyle
  • Struggling to make important decisions
  • Disconnected from your inner self or trusting your intuition
  • Juggling major life transitions, such as moving, a divorce, or career change

Our readings will guide you with the energy and wisdom you need to move forward on your journey

In A Stressful Situation, What Helps You Calm Down

Learn how to practice the art of Flowermancy

Our easy-to-follow, step-by-step courses will have you intuitively reading flower images for your family and friends. Everything you need is within the course and they range from the introductory course all the way through to the mastery course where you learn to deliver flower readings as a business service.
Start amazing your friends with this unique skill and help them and develop their intuition too.

Flower Reading Courses
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Flowermancy is a Flower Reading Experience

At the heart of the Flower Reading experience, we dive deep into the 16 different aspects of the flower image you have chosen. We break down each aspect, exploring the color, shape, size, and more, to uncover the intuitive messages that come directly from your soul.

Through this process, you gain a deeper understanding of yourself, your life, and your purpose. With this new knowledge, you can make positive decisions and take actions that are in alignment with your intuitive messages.

So come and join me on this transformative journey of self-discovery, where the beauty and magic of the flower realm await you. Together, we can unlock the power of your intuition and create a life that is filled with purpose, passion, and joy!

Available Online or in person on the Gold Coast

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