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The Art of Intuition

How to Tune into your Heart Centre Dec 1, 2021

1.49 Tuning into your Heart Centre with Esther and Susan.

Do you ignore the messages from your heart only to realize they were right? Does your head take over with analytical thinking and reasoning stopping you from following your heart? Esther learned to listen to her heart after some painful lessons. Find out why it’s important to trust the heart over the head in making important life decisions.

Tune into your heart centre today

Intuition and Spirituality cannot be defined exactly because there is so much, we don’t know. However, the main takeaway from this episode is that you defined your spirituality. You defined your own intuitive connection with your spirit.

Want more understanding or tools for trusting your intuition subscribe to the podcast. Follow me on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter. Look into the website and check out the blogs and free resources. The Facebook Group called Intuitive personal Development has live readings every Tuesday morning at 9 am AEST.

Remember we are all Naturally Intuitive, it is part of Human Nature. It is our Intuitive Nature.

Tune into your Heart Centre


Tune in to hear Esther talk about “my “heart” story, and the painful lessons I’ve learned when ignoring the signals of the heart”. Why it’s important to trust the heart over the head in making important decisions that affect your purpose and life’s mission as well as day-to-day decision-making in running your business.

Connect with Esther

Short Bio from Esther: I run MindBody Oasis – a holistic therapy center in Cardiff, South Wales. It specializes in Facial Reflexology and Zone Face Lift for menopausal women. I’m also an energy-sync marketing and business coach applying the unique Energy Alignment Method. I empower women, particularly those at a midlife crossroads, through energy work and in-flow marketing strategies to embrace their highest potential and build their unique Passionpreneur business.

Susan Jane

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