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The Art of Intuition Podcast

How your Intuition helps your creativity with Angie and Susan Dec 7, 2021

1.61 How your Intuition helps your creativity with Angie and Susan

Interviewing Angie Follensbee-Hall was really interesting especially about how Intuition helps you create, but it also posed the question “or is it the other way around?” Find out in this podcast when Angie helps you “Feel” your intuition through your creativity.

Intuition and Spirituality cannot be defined exactly because there is so much, we don’t know. However, the main takeaway from this episode is that you defined your spirituality. You defined your own intuitive connection with your spirit.

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Remember we are all Naturally Intuitive, it is part of Human Nature. It is our Intuitive Nature.

About Angie

Angie has crafted a life-long, fully self-employed artistic and creative way of being in the world. Angie’s mission is to inspire people to embrace creative living in order to thrive and live a life of purpose and meaning.

Now a handmade paper & mixed media artist, teacher, creativity mentor, and mother to two, Angie has a BFA in Studio Art, and a MA in Education and Creative Practice. She is a Reiki Master Teacher, a Certified Traditional Herbalist, an Ayurvedic Lifestyle Practitioner, and an Attunement Energy practitioner with over 5,000 hours of experience leading professional classes and workshops.

Susan Jane

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