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Intuitive Nature - Tools to Connect, Develop and Trust your Intuition

Intuitive Business Architecture

Those who know me will probably say that I am a bit of a business nerd

... yep! ... and they would be right. I know that sounds incredibly boring but I love, love, love it. Business is my passion, but more importantly, helping owners of small businesses and entrepreneurs build their businesses and get ahead.

We all have our own super powers. What we use without realizing, to feed our passions and desires and my super power is Intuition. I use it in every aspect of life including my business and connecting with others for their business and personal life.

Intuition guided me to do a:

  • Life Coaching Course, a
  • Degree in Health Promotion and
  • a few other business qualifications.

However struggling to determine how and who to seek assistance from tested for my intuition on many occasions. Unfortunately the head won a few times as I handed over thousands of dollars on coaching, training or ideas that …. Well let’s just say I don’t have anything to show for it except a declining bank balance.

The trouble was everyone had an understanding of what I SHOULD do but didn’t intuitively know WHO I really was and what my core values were.

They didn’t know me or how I ticked.

All they wanted to do was mold me on what they did, change me to suit others or how business id always done. But I wasn’t them and I wanted how we do business to change.

I was me!  Intuitive, a little bit crazy maybe but loving and giving.

Being introverted made it hard for me to network, to talk to people outside of my circles and ‘no’ might not worry others but right or wrong, I took it personally. So how could I create a business? People said you had to change … do it this way … do it that way … do it anyway but none of them felt intuitively right to me.

Besides I didn’t have the money to pay the professionals so I did the next best thing.

Intuitive Business Architecture - Building Better Businesses

I did it myself ... And … boy oh boy did I get it wrong!

But I learnt so much. I learnt more about me and who I was. About the people I wanted to help and the people I wanted to be around. Working constantly on that until I noticed that these type of people started to come to me.

Some people had experienced the same things I did.

In fact there were quite a few. They were good at some aspects in business and needed help with others things. People didn’t want the Business Coaches or Mentors to dictate to them, pointing out all the issues and leaving them overwhelmed. They wanted a hand in doing the tasks, while learning the steps and seeing a vision of their potential. Someone who didn’t just call and hang up but someone who was more hands on to sit with them, help them learn and someone to grow with.

What I discovered is that entrepreneurs and business owners needed Business Design (Structure), Business Plans (Systems), and Business Construction (Marketing). Not a one size fits all but an intuitive tailor built project to suit the entrepreneur or owner.

The only way I could see this happening was to work side by side with the business owner and really understand what it is they want and the ways to achieve that, all within their budget.

Intuitive Business Architecture

We have found that Intuitive Business Architecture works best without Structures, Systems or Marketing.

You dictate what it is you want.

Tell me what it is you need or what you want support with and if you don’t know we work it out together. It is hands on project work were we work together to build your business side by side. And I do mean side by side. While you work on one aspect of the business I will work on another, bouncing ideas, thoughts and training off of each other.

We will literally unpack all those years of valuable knowledge, experience and skills you have gathered and put them into your own tailor made business. A little bit of old school with a lot of new school and the end product will be something that we built together that you fully own. Creating a business to suit your lifestyle now, with the ability to grow and evolve as you do.

There are no specific time frames or number of hours that I will work with you. Again it is your call as to what you want and your budget can afford.

Imagine not only getting the coaching you want to see the big business picture but also someone to do those detail orientated bits and pieces you don’t feel confident about doing. Together we can get your business to where you want it to be and you learn how to maintain it and grow it at the same time.

If you feel this one on one work is what you need please book a call today