Intuitive Trees

Great fun for Women's Groups, Bridle Showers and Hen's Parties


Intuitive Trees has been designed for Women’s Groups including Hen's Parties or Bridal Showers and therefore there is a lot of reference to Bridal Showers. It is a fun and interactive way of learning more about yourself and how to connect with your intuition. Anyone can do this using the easy to follow guidelines that step you through each section of the party.

This program has been created for the facilitator in mind although anyone can run the session. It has the basic information needed to hold a fun intuitive party at the affordable price. You no longer need to pay huge amounts of money to get in a psychic or reader when you can do it all yourself.

In the Intuitive Trees Party Package you get:

Intuitive Trees Analysis and Explanation

The Intuitive Tree Analysis and Explanation is a 20 page downloadable PDF Ebook. It highlights ten different elements about you that have been intuitively brought forward in the session. Things such as: how you are Motivated and the best way you gather your Knowledge You discover things about your Personality type and the type of Behaviours you use, plus lots more.

Intuitive Nature’s Mandala Images

The Intuitive Nature's Mandala Images help get your guest in the best frame of mind. There are several PDF images for you to download and print out. Preparing your guest for an Intuitive Party is to get them into the right mind set and have their energy flowing freely. Mandalas can do that without stopping the chatter and fun interactions.

Intuitive Trees Presenter Guidelines

The Intuitive Tree Presenters Guidelines is a 6 page downloadable PDF. It takes you through what you will need before the event and how to set the scene. It is very constructive and easy to follow. Showing you things like guidance about assisting your guests and has an extra option to really engage your guests. With this information you will be able to give the best Intuitive Party ever.

Intuitive Nature’s Mandala Explanation and Guidance

The Intuitive Nature's Mandala Explanation and Guidance reassures you about what you need. It gives you everything to do to provide the best possible start to your Intuitive Party. This downloadable PDF is easy and quick to read, and gives you the best way to celebrate an afternoon and the upcoming wedding.

Intuitive Nature’s 4 Basic Card Spreads

The Intuitive Nature's Basic Card Spreads allows you to use any oracle card deck you have available. They cover off on the four main areas in our lives that we often seek answers to. There is a spread on Abundance, Direction, Health and Love. Each printable PDF shows you how to lay the spread out and what the position of the card means so your guests can use them by themselves or you can help with guidance. Below are more spreads that are associated with particular decks that are available for free to add more interest for your guests.