River Ramblings with Susan Jane

Intuitive Insights

Increasing your psychic abilities and developing your intuition will let you discover your true spiritual connections. Intuitive Nature and Susan Jane, The Intuitist, will help you with these Intuitive Insights.

Intuitive Insights will cover topics such as:

    • Near Death Experiences (NDE's)
    • Visualisation
    • Energy Healings
    • Card Readings
    • Angels
    • to name a few

For more details on each of these topics please go to the Blog and filter your preference. Reflections are longer videos that will take you through the personal experiences of each topic. Theory Testing videos explain how the topics were tested and the intuitive responses that were used.

Quick Intuitive Tips

This collection of videos from the beautiful Currumbin Creek on the Gold Coast in Queensland gives you a brief understanding of various spiritual subjects such as:

  • Connecting with your Intuition
  • Developing your Intuition
  • Trusting your Intuition
  • Applying your Intuition

Through many personal experiences and learned situations. For more details on these subjects you can find longer videos in the Blog section of the website and filter accordingly.