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Monsters under the bed? Help your child tame them Aug 6, 2020

How to help your child if they are experiencing monsters under the bed or in the cupboard or in the case of my daughter sitting in the chair beside her bed watching her.

Of course, this information will be dependent on the age of your child so it will be general and spread across different aspects. But first things first the most important aspect in helping your child is to empower them:

Empower your Child

You can give your child all the answers but then they can feel like they are not in control or that only you can do it. You must let your child come up with the answers while you guide them along the right path to achieve them. 

Remember their spirit could be old but their body is young. They connect freely with other spirits who are wanting to go home but may not know how. Often a child will have imaginary friends, see monsters or be afraid of the dark because of the newness of being back in a body. Be patient with them and get a happy blend of spiritual aspects and what is required in a physical sense. They can’t live in a dream world, but they also can’t ignore it.

How to empower your child to trust their intuition: 

  • Listen to what they have to say don’t fob it off as nonsense – For them it is real. When my girls were young, they would often talk about the man in the shed. They didn’t like him much and felt scared but I couldn’t see him. Yet they could give me a very clear picture of what he looked like. They were also aware that he was looking for something which wasn’t in our big machinery shed on the farm. By listening to what they had to say I could find out things. Understand what was important or what stood out to them. It gave me a lot of understanding about how to help them. As well as the man in the shed with the big black hat.
  • Don’t come up with any answers until you hear the full story. This way you know exactly what they are scared of or feel they want help with. Don’t jump in with answer too quick in fact don’t jump in with answers at all. To empower your child, even young ones, is to let them come up with the answers that best suits them. The information they give you will help you guide them towards the right answers for them. 
  • Allow them to speak without interrupting – Don’t say it was only a dream, let them speak. This is hard when your child is scared, and you want to reassure them. It is also hard to relive a frightening experience which your child may have just gone through. Prompted them to speak about it, to describe it to you so they get a better picture of it. When things become more familiar to us, we are not as fearful of them. If they say they don’t know ask them “If you did know ….. what would it look like?” Get them to talk about it as much as possible while taking mental notes to yourself.  
  • Let them use their imagination to explain to you what they are seeing or feeling. They are only young and do not understand a lot of things we take for granted. This also helps them to make sense of it all.
  • Once you have heard the story or problem let you child step up and take control. If you do it all you take away their power and restrict them from trusting their intuition. Let them decide on the best course of action to achieve the results they want.
  • Be open to talk about their situations but also be mindful not to let it get out of hand. They are still on this earth in their physical body so there is plenty to learn both physically and spiritual. Let them have imaginary friends but make sure they have physical ones as well.

OK so you have got a clearer picture of what your child is experiencing.

They could be experiencing:

  • Monsters under the bed
  • People or shadows moving around
  • Things hiding in the cupboard
  • Feeling like they are being attacked
  • Imaginary friends – that are guiding them or asking them to do things they don’t normally so
  • Scared of the dark but not sure why

A lot of the time they are not frightened or scared. However it is usually when they scared are that they will come to you. They could wake up after having nightmares night or ask to sleep with the light on because they are scared.

There was a time when I said to my kids “don’t be silly there is nothing to be frightened of”. Now I think about it why or what made them become scared?

What made me scared of the monsters under the bed?

What made me scared of the monsters under the bed at night. I knew there was nothing there physically and yet I also knew there was something there. Is that what we are scared of … the unknown? For a child to be frightened there is a reason and by talking to them we can find the reason. Maybe not straight away but over a period or sessions.

At each session let your child talk about it. Reassure them if they are tired so they can go back to sleep. If they are wide awake, then you can start to implement some ideas to help them. Remember you can give them some ideas but let your child decide on the best one to use. Only use one at a time.

Your child may decide to use crystals let them use those for a little while. If they have another session, then implement another aspect but again only one at the time. Don’t do more than one at a time as it takes the power away from the child. You can have a few going over a period of time but only add one new element per week. There is no particular order with this list. Your child can determine the best way to protect themselves and create trust in their intuition.

Let your child be in control

It is about empowering the child to take control over what it happening to them. This also allows them to trust their intuition from a very early age.

Here are some ideas that you can share with your child:

  • Toys – Use their toys to protect them. They turn into guards at night just like toy story. Make sure there are a few, just in case one gets lost. Ask the child what superpowers they have to help them. Create a whole gamut of super toys or super teddies to go to bed with. Let your child arrange the teddies and toys around their bed. Again being mindful of the amount so there isn’t too many or too few.  
  • Crystals – Use crystals if your child is a little older. Take them to a shop so they can purchase a few they would like. Ask them why they choose that one and what they feel it could do. Here are a couple you can look up to guide your child towards the right ones.
    • Black tourmaline
    • Black Obsidian
    • Smokey Quartz
    • Shungite
    • Labradorite
    • Amber
    • Amethyst
    • Flourite
  • Oils – Spray with essential oils. Purchase a little spray bottle or see if you have an old perfume bottle that you can wash out. Again, make it special so the child understands the importance of it and it empowers them to believe in themselves. Add a few drops of 100% essential oils that your child likes. If it is for bed steer them towards the lavender as a base and then add another one.
    • Lavender
    • Lemon
    • Cypress
    • Grapefruit
    • Frankincense
    • Sage
    • Peppermint

Once you have made it up the child can use it to spray around the room before going to bed. They can take it with them for a sleep over at a friend’s place.

  • Mineral Salts – Here’s a trick for the mums and dads, add some Epsom salts or Dead Sea salts to the bath. The salts draw away negative energy from the child and helps them to sleep better. Another way you can use the salts is in a little muslin bag or a calico cloth bags. Get a pack of small calico bags, your child can draw or decorate it.
  • Ask them to leave – If your child is old enough ask them what they feel is the best way to deal with the situation. Sometime all it takes is the child asking them to go away in a firm voice.
  • Create stories – You can also do all these things to help your child including creating stories with them. Make up a story about how the monsters under the bed had to leave.
  • Burn White Sage – Purchase that at new age store and burn it though the house.
  • Bubble your child – You could do it with them by blowing bubbles in the backyard. Talk to them about how it would feel inside the protective bubble. Then guide them to do it or do it for them
  • White light – Create a white light of protection
  • Dream Catches – Make them with your child. Spotlight or craft stores have everything you need to make one. Or you can purchase one and hang it in the child’s window.

I hope these tips have helped you and your child tame the monsters under the bed. Listen to Intuitive Nature The Podcast for more details on how to use these tools properly.

The main take away here is, as much as possible, to let you child be in control. Empower them to trust their intuition. Ask them what they think is the best way to deal with the situation.

Even at their young age they are still naturally intuitive because it is part of Human nature. It is their Intuitive Nature and why they feel the monsters under the bed.

For more tips and tools for trusting your intuition subscribe to YouTube Susan Jane The Intuitist. Follow me on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter and check out the other blogs and free resources.

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