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1.110 Take back ownership of your life with Amy Sanders and Susan Jane. Jul 21, 2022

Take back ownership of your life with Amy Sanders and Susan Jane.

“I was meant for more, but I was stuck in my self-sabotaging cycle,” said Amy Sanders. So, she decided to pick herself up, take her power back and create her own luck. The best thing is that through her experiences she discovered how to help others take back ownership of their life. In this episode break away from those self-sabotaging cycles and feel your power again so you can create your own destiny.

Taking Ownership

Amy is an expert at moving audiences into action to push past the past barriers that have kept them stuck so that they can have a more fulfilling life. She has presented at events across the United States and has influenced thousands of women to find their voice and speak their truth.  Amy is also the founder of multi-day women empowerment retreats “She Runs” and “Run like a Girl,” which mobilized over 5000 women to love themselves and take care of their bodies, minds, and souls.  Seeing the impact and power these events had, has led Amy to present to more audiences and expand her reach and mission. 

Through her unique story and signature speech “Survival is the Rule. Thriving Is the Exception.”, she takes the audience on a journey to discover their agency, take control of their lives and start being the hero of their own story.

Amy’s mission is to empower women to expose their strengths, so they can be healthier, more confident leaders in their families, businesses, and lives. Take ownership of your life today and chat with Amy.

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Intuitive Art Readings with Susan Jane The Intuitist

Imagine … having an inner voice of wisdom that tells you what to do to achieve your heart’s desires. Plus how to reach your goals … Well that’s exactly what your intuition does.

Life has become so full of information that it is often difficult to decide what to take on board. Or what to let go of. A lot of people don’t know exactly what their intuition is or what it sounds or looks like.

The Art of Intuition, Intuitive Drawings shows you exactly what your intuition is telling you. These workshops can be fun and exciting or thoughtful and engaging it is up to the individual to express themselves.   Book your event today!

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