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The Art of Intuition

Past Life Regression with Sylvia and Susan Nov 29, 2021

1.46 What is Past Life Regression and how can it help you?

Past Life Regression. These questions and many more are answered in this podcast and video when Sylvia Panizzon-Jones and Susan Jane discuss their experiences.

“It is the difference between a DIY experience and a professional experience” Susan Jane explains. As a tester of theories, she had a do-it-yourself experience with Past Life Regression which didn’t end so well. Going to a professional like Sylvia helped her see what the real experience was about. It eased the guilt to produce a better than expected result.

Intuition and Spirituality cannot be defined exactly because there is so much, we don’t know. However, the main takeaway from this episode is that you defined your spirituality. You also defined your own intuitive connection with your spirit.

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Remember we are all Naturally Intuitive, it is part of Human Nature. It is our Intuitive Nature.

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