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The Voice of Intuition Podcast

On the Voice of Intuition Podcast, Susan Jane talks about the practical aspects of Intuition. She explains how intuition guides you towards your very best life. Susan Jane is a published author, inspirational speaker, Intuitive Life Coach, and a multi-international award winner.

Reflecting on her 40 plus years of understanding spirituality, Susan Jane will take you through an intuitive perspective of her life experiences. She will also explain what she did to get through them. This includes understanding her 20 yr emotionally abusive relationship, a near-death experience, and a violent sexual attack. One, so intense she was left for dead on the side of the road.

Throughout the podcast, you will learn the tips and tricks of connecting with your intuition. You will discover how you can strengthen it in practical, everyday ways. There are resources for you, such as meditations and card readings. Plus you will be hearing from other spiritual professionals about how their intuition guided them.

Find out the importance of connecting, developing, and trusting your Intuition. From the very basics, what exactly is Intuition? To discover the answers to your deep and very personal questions. Send an email to [email protected] or connect through any of the social media sites.

Now it is time for you to find clearer direction and a greater purpose in your life by following the guidance of your Intuition.

If you want to be a guest on the podcast click the link below and that will take you to Calendly so you can book an interview time and date.

You will receive an email with a link to the Art of Intuition form that needs to be filled out to determine if you are in line with the listeners. If you are here then most likely you are in line hahaha.

I really look forward to chatting with you in the near future on the Voice of Intuition Podcast.

Susan Jane and The Voice of Intuition

We look forward to hearing directly from you by using the above link to download your form and send it to us. However, don't restrict yourself just to us. Sign up on Podmatch and get your voice heard on other podcasts around the world. PodMatch matches you to the right Podcast and saves you a lot of time and energy.

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Susan Jane The Intuitist Guest Appearances

Susan Jane talks about her experiences in life on other podcasts throughout the world. Here she explains what intuition means to her and how she came to that conclusion. Hear about her Near Death Experience (NDE), her out-of-body experience, and astral traveling to name a few. She will take you on an amazing journey of how she discovered how to connect, develop and trust your intuition and why it is so important to you. You will even glimpse into the fascinating practice of flower readings. Intuitive Flowers will naturally guide you toward your life goals. Have a listen now, you will be amazed.

Worried you may have missed some shows?

Check out the blog to learn a little more about the guests and what they come on the show to talk about. Pick and choose your favorite or listen to them all. Subscribe to the show so you don't miss this valuable information all about intuition.

Sharon’s Intuitive Calling

Sharon’s Intuitive-Flower The background This flower image was painted by a lady who had a strong calling to put this image on to canvas. I don’t know if she is an artist and was lead to paint this image or if the calling to paint was something she had not experienced this strong before. However…

What is Intuition A spooky walk

The importance of Grounding

Grounding is so important and here’s why. Intuitive Nature is about our natural ability to be intuitively guided. It is about how we read the intuitive signs that can help make our lives run smoothly or at the very least, according to plan. However, to become more aware of the signs we need to give ourselves…

Intuitive Flowers has been released

Stop making poor decisions based on other people’s opinions and take control of your own destiny using Intuitive Flowers to empower your direction in life. Imagine not having to struggle to make decisions. Allowing things to flow naturally, knowing full well they will bring you the positive results you are seeking. Released today as an…

Intuitive Nature Sunrise over Burleigh

I didn’t realise how hard it was to make simple decisions

One of the hardest and most painful decisions I had to make was to end my 20 year marriage. One of the hardest and most painful decisions I had to make was to end my 20 year marriage. Of course this wasn’t an instant decision but one that had built up over the years and…

Happy New Year

Flowers represent our goals in life however when choosing an image of a flower for your goals you will naturally lean towards using your emotions to pick the image. This is where your intuitive flowers highlight areas in your life that will reflect how you can achieve your goals or put you in the right…

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Susan Jane the Voice of Intuition
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