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Intuitive Paint and Sip Art Reading Workshops

Unleash Your Inner Artist 

See the Messages in Your Artwork: Intuitive Paint & Sip Workshops

Ever look at a painting and feel like it's speaking to you? In these workshops, you'll learn to create art with the intention of receiving messages from your subconscious. You'll walk away with not only a beautiful piece of artwork but also a reading to help interpret the messages you received.

A creative way to express your Intuition

Intuitive Paint and Sip Workshops: A creative way to express your Intuition

Are you looking for a creative and meaningful way to express yourself that can also help you gain insight into your life journey? The Intuitive Paint & Sip Workshops are perfect for those who want to explore the messages of their inner being and create beautiful art along the way! With our guidance, art supplies, and an intimate group setting, they provide an ideal atmosphere to access your intuitive insights.

At long last something truly different!

Intuitive Paint and Sip workshops are a great way to explore your creative side while also discovering more about yourself. With this workshop, you will be able to paint the image that comes to mind and use it as a tool for an intuitive reading. Not only will you have the opportunity to create art, but you will also get two services for the price of one - your artwork and intuitive reading. The advantage of these workshops is that they can help you develop deeper self-awareness and understanding by tapping into your unconscious mind through symbolism in art. They also offer a supportive environment that encourages each participant to be creative and explore their intuition. Intuitive Paint and Sip Workshops benefit customers by providing them with a unique opportunity to express themselves creatively while gaining insight into their own lives.

Have fun, with your friends and meet new ones, with these amazing "Workshops with Insights".

✔ Unique Art Adventure

Experience something completely new and out of the ordinary with Intuitive Paint and Sip workshops! Absolutely no experience is necessary - anyone from total beginners to budding artists can enjoy this special combination of art-making and intuitive readings. This creative workshop series is perfect for people looking to express themselves in inspiring ways, lead meaningful conversations about topics like intuition, or simply have some fun with a group of friends.  Take advantage of their two-for-one deal, where guests can get an immersive creative workshop combined with an insightful message.

✔ Create Art Anywhere

We provide you with all the necessary materials so that you can create art anywhere - whether in your home, at a venue, or office. Our mobile team brings everything to you so that we can help cultivate inner insight wherever it's convenient for you. With our two-for-one workshops, even more, people have the opportunity to discover and express their intuitive messages through painting.  Not only will you get to keep what you make but we also offer two workshops for just one price – as you will learn how to do an intuitive reading on your artwork as well!

✔ Creative Freedom

Everyone gets a take-home pack valued at over $35.00 which provides you with all the tools necessary to keep the creative energy flowing at home. It offers paint, brushes, paper, a journal and a lot more so that you can free your mind and be creative whenever inspiration strikes. You will have just what you need to create artwork that resonates with your intuitive messages anytime and anyplace; at home or out of town. Between our engaging workshops and resources at home, creating art to see your intuitive messages just became easier than ever before!

✔ Unlock Your Intuition

At our intuitive Paint and Sip Workshops, you have the unique opportunity to explore creative self-expression through art, while gaining insightful guidance on what your artwork in saying. With our two-hour Intuitive Art Reading Workshop, you will uncover valuable self-knowledge through the creative exploration of art to see underlying messages. This workshop combines a hands-on activity with access to an intentional reading of your artwork—all for the price of one amazing experience! Through this process, attendees are able to gain greater clarity on their current goals and the intuitive wisdom that will help them manifest their desired visions.

Intuitive Goals

Uncover your deep-seated goals and ambitions with Intuitive Flower Readings. See how your Intuitive Flower is guiding you. 

The Art of Intuition Workshops - Intuitive Nature

Intuitive Direction

Advance confidently in your Intuitive Direction with your inspired landscape. This image will highlight how to best progress.

Intuitive Trees with Susan Jane

Intuitive Purpose

Discover your purpose with Intuitive Trees. Understand your motivation and your personality with this simple workshop.

Intuitive Trust - Communications and connections

Intuitive Connection

Positive connections and communications through your chakras. Bask in understanding your perfect trust relationship.

Intuitive Paint & Sip Art Workshops can take your life a huge step forward

In this workshop, you will see how your Intuition is guiding you toward your goal. It helps in all aspects of your life including your personal, business, and recreational life. Imagine being able to SEE what your intuition is trying to tell you!

These events will get your creative juices flowing while you reminisce about times gone by. Of course, as you chat about what is happening now, you will also reveal your future in your piece of art. The best part is that it is all done according to YOUR intuition and what it wants to show you.

But this isn't an Art Class and I am not an Art Teacher.

This is not an art class or an art competition. It is a fun and relaxing way to explore the deeper side of you while enjoying yourself in a great environment. Grab a few friends and come and enjoy this unique experience at the beautiful Gold Coast.

During your Intuitive Art Reading fun and interactive workshops you will:

  • Enjoy an active meditation to get your creative juices flowing
  • Participate in a simple guided meditation to find your Inspirational goal
  • Create your work of art using watercolor pencils for sketching
  • Discover how your Intuition is guiding you through your artwork
  • Receive an Intuitive Reading of your Happiness Goal.

For the first time ever you will get to SEE your intuition and how it is guiding you towards your future. Time to engage with your Personal Super Power.

Frequently Asked Questions
  • Workshops take between 2 - 2.5 hours
  • All working materials are provided
  • Cancellations are a natural occurrence
  • Personal readings are part of the package
  • A guided mindset meditation is included
  • You also get a printed workshop journal
Covid Policy

In the case of a lockdown, this workshop will be rescheduled. Alternatively, you have a choice in attending other workshops on offer. If this doesn't suit you for any reason you can get a full refund, less 10 per cent to cover admin costs. Our integrity is very important to us, so we have stated our intentions before you make your booking.

Intuitive Paint & Sip Art Reading Workshops

Intuitive Paint and Sip Art Reading Workshops with the Art of Intuition

Susan Jane

Hi, I'm Susan Jane the Intuitist, and I discovered that with all of my negative experiences there was the opportunity to create positive ones intuitively.

It is because of these experiences I have been able to understand the connection with my intuition, what it means to me and how others can learn to connect as well.

If the workshop isn't for you at the moment, check out the online courses we have on offer to help you connect, develop and trust your Intuition.

Want more? The Art of intuition is now a Web TV Show and an International Podcast with interviews and guests from all over the world.

Are you a Facebook Fan? Then join the group Intuitive Personal Development to get free weekly readings and interactions there.

Your choice of different workshops

Intuitive Flower Reading Courses

Intuitive Goals

Achieving Happiness

Intuitive Trees with Susan Jane

Intuitive Purpose

Discovering Purpose

The Art of Intuition Workshops - Intuitive Nature

Intuitive Direction

Confident Advancement

Intuitive Trust - Communications and connections

Intuitive Trust

Positive Connections

Intuitive Art Workshops are the most enjoyable events for intuitive guidance you will ever experience.

In them, you will actually see the messages from your intuition.

You will discover how your intuition visually guides you and where it wants you to go.

Now is the time to enjoy your life’s journey by trusting in the guidance of your intuitive self.

This will give you a better understanding of what you are looking at for a private event. No alcohol or food is provided for a mobile event. All workshop equipment is in the package and your guest will take home their own art equipment in a carry bag. Please ensure your guests have enough tables and chairs to be comfortable so they can spread out a little.
Private Intuitive Art Reading Workshops - We come to your venue.


Priced at $85 per person for all sessions with a minimum of:

    • Five paid guests for events ending before 5 pm
    • Seven paid guests for any event after 5 pm
    • A $150 deposit is required at the time of the booking to hold your date and time.
    • Longer travel times may include an extra cost

Every guest receives a take-home package as part of the event so they can continue developing their intuition or just enjoy using watercolor paints in the comfort of their own home.

Your take-home package is valued at $35 and includes:

  • 12 Watercolour Pencils in a handy case
  • A4 Pad of Watercolour Paper
  • A packet of paintbrushes of varying sizes
  • A frame for your art
  • Your printout journal for taking notes
  • Gel Pen
  • Carry Bag
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