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Reading Flowers Drawings – The Basics


Life has become so full of information that it is hard to decide what you want to take on board and what you want to let go of. The Intuitive Flowers Academy inspires you to connect, develop, trust and apply your intuition as you focus on a flower drawing.

Energetically connect with a Flower Drawings for guidance and direction in life. This basic course will help you connect with your intuition and show you the fun elements of Reading Flower Drawings

Reading Flowers Drawings – The Basics

Welcome to the basic course for Reading Flower Drawings

While studying this professional course you will naturally Develop your Intuition when you start Reading Flower Drawings. Firstly by seeing the practical elements within the flower and the drawing. Then, as you delve deeper into the reading your Intuition will come forward and guide you towards intuitive messages. 

 What you can expect from this basic Reading Flower Drawings course:

  • Learn how to energetically connect with Flower Drawings for guidance and direction in life
  • Reveal what you are attracting into your life and the emotional effects it may have
  • Unravel the path towards your goals and the guides you have along the way
  • Discover the behaviors needed and love required to achieve your goal
  • Create deep seated trust in your intuition by reading live flowers
  • Uncover guiding truths for your friends and family

 Intuitive Flowers will help you to develop your intuition, using flower drawings.

Meditation, deep breathing and the right environment are the optimal ways of receiving intuitive signs clearly and thus develop your intuition. However, we often do not have the space or the personal freedom to grab an extra five minutes to sit quietly, let alone meditate with the incense burning and soft music playing in the background! You can be sure that the kids will come screaming around the corner, or the phone will beep, telling you there’s a message.

Life has become so full of information that it is hard to decide what you want to take on board and what you want to let go of. Intuitive Flowers inspires you to trust your intuitive decisions as you focus on a flower drawing, representing your emotional aspirations towards your goals in life.

Who can benefit from this basic Reading Flower Drawings course?

  • People who want to master the artistry of flower readings for themselves and others
  • Beginners who want a practical, hands on way to develop and trust their intuition
  • Psychic and clairvoyant people want another tool to assist their clients achieve their goals
  • Those who want to take their intuition to another level and receive pure spiritual guidance
Please note this course will close 90 days after the last lesson has been viewed. Make sure you download all of the PDF’s so you have all of your course information. 

 When you do flower drawing readings for someone ask them to relax and think about a goal they would like to achieve. This narrows down their thinking towards flowers or any pressure they could be feeling about having to draw one. Once they have done that ask them to start drawing their flower or one that relates to their goal. The majority of times it is easier to read a flower drawing for someone you don’t know and it’s a great way to practice. You will find you have no attachments to the signs and symbols you receive from your intuition and you will not filter them because of prior knowledge about that person.

Now it is time to gather your flower and perfect the Artistry of Flower Readings. Enjoy!

What you will receive in your course includes videos for each module, full PDF of each module for you to download and a quick reference guide of the full course to help you when you’re starting out.

The Flower Drawings Basics course includes:

              • Welcome and Introduction
              • What is Intuition?
              • The Background of the flower
              • What behaviours are present?
              • The Path or Journey
              • Who is guiding you?
              • What is attracting your attention?
              • The Emotions involved
              • The Love that is at the centre
              • How to bring it all together
              • A quick reference guide

Susan Jane The Intuitist

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