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Blossoming Intuitively – On Line Course


Getting intuitive answers can be as simple as picking a flower from the garden. Seriously! And with BLOSSOMING INTUITIVELY I’ll help you get those answers through:

  • Video tutorials 
  • Downloadables and ‘Quick Reference Guides’ 
  • Step by step in-depth instructions on the elements of a flower 

I can show you how to unlock the motivation you need to achieve your goals, understand the deep seated meaning behind them and attract the right kind of energy you need to achieve these goals.

Blossoming Intuitively – On Line Course

Intuitive Flowers represent our Emotional Goals in Life!

In my late 20’s, I was very similar to you. I didn’t know what I wanted and didn’t know where I wanted to go in life. What I DID know was that I was deeply interested in developing my spirituality & intuition (although it was considered a “bad” thing to most of my family.)

One day I found myself at a spiritual workshop where I was introduced to flower readings and my life was never the same again.

In the time it took to learn how to intuitively read that little white daisy with gold flecks, nestled comfortably in my brown paper bag. I learned to start trusting in myself and my own inner wisdom.

Knowing how much that simple white daisy profoundly changed my life, I wanted to share this beautiful technique with others and expand it even further.


Reading them has never been so exciting.


At first, learning to do flower readings can seem daunting but they are really easy. To start with we look at the logical aspects of the flower and then start to break it down. We find out what each area means and how that relates to us or the person you are reading for. It is truly amazing how you can logically look at something only to have your intuition jump in and take over. 

Of course, this is exactly what we want it to do. The more you focus on your flower the more your intuition jumps in and guides you. It’s not rocket science it is being open and willing to listen to your intuition.

Don’t restrict yourself to reading just a deck of cards. Open your intuition up to reading any live flower you can find. A flower that intuitively suits you and your Emotional Goals in life. The Art of Intuition’s Flower Reading Courses will have you reading flowers from the very beginning and the courses even have a professional level. Taking this course allows you to charge for your Intuitive Services.

Reading Live Flowers

This is actually reading the essence of a live flower. We will still start with looking at it logically and gathering the correct information while waiting for our intuition to kick in. Perfect for those intimate one-on-one or small group work where you are there in person. Picking the flower in this case can be rushed and not quite what the person is seeking when it comes to helping them with their goals.

Your Blossoming Intuitively Course is made up of these Subjects, Topics, Videos, and PDFs. 

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