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Intermediate Course – Intuitive Flower Readings

$ 47.95

Getting intuitive answers can be as simple as picking a flower from the garden. Seriously! And with BLOSSOMING INTUITIVELY I’ll help you get those answers through:

  • Video tutorials 
  • Downloadables and ‘Quick Reference Guides’ 
  • Step by step in-depth instructions on the elements of a flower 

I can show you how to unlock the motivation you need to achieve your goals, understand the deep seated meaning behind them and attract the right kind of energy you need to achieve these goals.

Intermediate Course – Intuitive Flower Readings

Intermediate Course – Blossoming Intuitively

Delve deeper into the captivating realm of flower readings with our Intermediate Course – Blossoming Intuitively. Designed to expand your skills and elevate your intuitive abilities, this transformative course takes you on an enchanting journey of self-discovery through the language of flowers.

Imagine being able to decode the intricate messages hidden within each delicate petal, unlocking the profound wisdom that flowers hold. With our course, you can take your flower reading skills to the next level, unveiling deeper insights and gaining a more nuanced understanding of the language of flowers.

Blossoming Intuitively – Intuitive Flower Readings

Through fourteen comprehensive PDFs, we explore each subject and topic with meticulous attention to detail, equipping you with the knowledge and insights needed to perform your own profound flower readings. Bid farewell to uncertainty as you gain a deep understanding of the historical significance, the symbolism behind colors, and the hidden messages conveyed through the shapes and sizes of flowers.

Engaging videos accompany each topic, providing a visual feast that brings the teachings to life. Immerse yourself in the captivating world of intuitive flower readings, as our expert instructors guide you through the intricacies of each subject.

Blossoming Intuitively lets you Deepen Your Flower Reading Skills

To enhance your learning experience, we provide you with four invaluable tools. Our color chart unveils the emotions and energies associated with each hue, while the numbers chart empowers you to find balance and harmony in your interpretations. Document your personal insights and revelations in your very own journal, designed to capture the essence of your flower reading journey. For quick reference during your practice, we offer a convenient and informative quick reference guide. As the course draws to a close, a mesmerizing closing video brings together all the knowledge and skills you have acquired, providing a transformative finale to your intermediate flower reading journey.

Deepen your connection to nature. Unleash your intuitive powers

Click the button below and embark on the path to becoming an accomplished intuitive flower reader today. The secrets of the flowers await your discovery.

Ok, so you want more details.

No problems! Here is what you get when you invest in the Intermediate Course – Blossoming Intuitively:

  • Introduction
  • Intuition
  • The History
  • The Stem
  • The Leaves
  • The Shapes
  • The Petals
  • The Colors
  • The Numbers
  • The Flower Centre
  • The Flower Size
  • The Flower Presentation
  • The Calyx
  • The Extras
  • Bringing it Together

Plus you also get:

The four extra tools your get with the Blossoming Intuitively course are packed with information to steer you in the right direction. Such as a color chart, your own journal, a numbers chart, and a quick reference guide for you to print. And of course, the closing video that brings the reading all together at the end.

So to summarize:

  • You get fourteen pdf’s about each subject or topic that gives you enough detail to perform your own Flower Readings.
  • Your get fourteen videos that explain the subjects or topics in general so you don’t have to read the pdf’s.
  • You get another three videos to welcome you, introduce you to the course and close the course with added information.
  • You also get four highly sort after tools that will help you get an easy understanding to their relevant subjects.

Take your flower reading skills to new heights by blossoming intuitively.

Susan Jane

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