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Live Flower Readings – Introductory Course


Everything you need for you to learn how to perfect amazing intuitive readings on Live Flowers. Surprise your family and delight your friends as you tell them what their intuition is guiding them towards. Discover how to achieve your emotional goals and help others reach theirs with the Basic Live Flower Reading Course. Book in NOW!

Live Flower Readings – Introductory Course


‘Intuitive Flowers will motivate you to decide on something that can’t be singled out. It will encourage you to select something that can’t be seen and will inspire you to reach something that cannot be touched.’

Susan Jane

Welcome to Intuitive Flowers

Intuitive Flowers will help you to develop your intuition, using a physical (floral) image. Meditation, deep breathing and the right environment are the optimal ways of receiving intuitive signs clearly and thus develop your intuition. However, we often do not have the space or the personal freedom to grab an extra five minutes to sit quietly, let alone meditate with the incense burning and soft music playing in the background! You can be sure that the kids will come screaming around the corner, or the phone will beep, telling you there’s a message. Life has become so full of information that it is hard to decide what you want to take on board and what you want to let go of. Intuitive Flowers inspires you to trust your intuitive decisions as you focus on a neutral flower image, representing your emotional aspirations towards your goals in life.

All of the topics below:



The Stem

The Leaves

The Petals

The Colours

The Flower Centre

Bringing it all Together

A Video Example


They come is a range of formats so you can get the best learnings from them.

Eight videos

Seven Topics to download in PDF format

An E-Book

A Colour Chart

A reading example


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