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Introductory Course – Live Flower Readings

$ 7.95

Everything you need for you to learn how to perfect amazing intuitive readings on Live Flowers. Surprise your family and delight your friends as you tell them what their intuition is guiding them towards. Discover how to achieve your emotional goals and help others reach theirs with the Basic Live Flower Reading Course. Book in NOW!

Introductory Course – Live Flower Readings

Introductory Course – Live Flower Readings

Unlock the power of your intuition and embark on an extraordinary journey of self-discovery with our Introductory Course – Live Flower Readings. Step into the enchanting world of flower symbolism and learn to listen to the whispers of your inner wisdom.

This interactive and immersive course invites you to explore the foundational elements of live flower readings. From understanding the significance of the stem and leaves to deciphering the language of petals and colors, each lesson unveils a new layer of insight into the hidden messages that flowers convey.

As you dive deeper into the course, you will develop a profound understanding of the flower center, where the essence of its energy resides. Through engaging exercises and practical applications, we guide you in bringing together all the elements learned, enabling you to synthesize the rich tapestry of information and meaning contained within a single flower.

Basic Live Flower Readings

By immersing yourself in live flower readings, you gain a deeper understanding of yourself and the guidance your intuition offers. As you practice and hone your skills, decision-making becomes effortless, and you trust in the path your intuition illuminates. Even when faced with uncertainty, you learn to wait patiently, knowing that the answers will come to you in perfect time.

Click the button below and step into the realm of intuition and self-discovery today. The magic of flower readings awaits you.

All of the topics below:



The Stem

The Leaves

The Petals

The Colors

The Flower Centre

Bringing it all Together

A Video Example


They come is a range of formats so you can get the best learnings from them.

Eight videos

Seven Topics to download in PDF format

An E-Book

A Color Chart

A reading example


For additional insights and inspiration, we invite you to tune into The Voice of Intuition Show, available on all major podcasting platforms. Delve further into the realm of trusting your intuition and discover the wealth of knowledge that already resides within you.

Enroll in our Introductory Course – Live Flower Readings today and embark on a transformative journey of self-trust and intuitive guidance. Unleash the wisdom of flowers and embrace the path that leads to your truest self.

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