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Our new on-line courses have been designed with the level of intuition you feel you already have.

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Create confidence in your life decisions!

Intuition is beyond any doubt; it is a deep-seated knowing, one that creates an automatic response. When you experience it, you respond or act accordingly and you are beyond questioning it.

It is more than a feeling; it is a knowing. Beliefs can be influenced by culture, creating differences, tensions and doubts about that belief. Intuition is a knowing; you know what to do, you know what to say, you know how to do it without ever being taught. You don’t question it, you don’t think twice about it, you act upon it, not knowing why or second-guessing it.

A knowing or intuition is a thought, an action or a feeling that does not hold any doubt. Intuition has also been classed as innate knowledge, a type of knowledge we are already aware of.

If you want to know more about intuition and what level you feel you are up to click on the images below or go straight to Intuitive Flower’s Academy.

Connection INtuition

Developing INtuition

Trusting INtuition

Appyling INtuition

Connecting Intuition

If you are just starting out or want to know more about your Intuition look at ‘Connecting’. These courses will help you practice good methods for connecting with your intuition. You learn about intuition and how YOU connect to yours for more clarity.

Developing Intuition

For those who feel they know how they are connecting with their intuition have a look at ‘Developing’. These courses help you to gain more confidence with your intuition increasing its ability to help with your direction in life.

Trusting Intuition

Or if you are like me and struggle sometimes with really following what your gut is telling you then head over to ‘Trusting’. These courses maintain the connection with your intuition creating the confidence to go with it under any circumstance.

Applying Intuition

There is a level for everyone and there is even the next step up which is ‘Applying’ your intuition. It has been design for those who are ready to use their intuition confidently and would like to create a small business out of it.

Take me straight to Intuitive Flowers Academy to see the Courses

Intuition Development

Here’s a snippet from the ‘Reading Intuitive Flowers’ that helps you develop your Intuition

This course is a tool designed to help you trust your intuition through the fun aspect of intuitive flower reading. As you look at different flower images your awareness will heighten and your intuition will come through stronger by giving you guidance and understanding along the way. In order to do this we look at different elements of the flower and the image and how it connects with our feelings or intuition. Therefore this course will take you through the different elements to intuitive flower reading all the way through to the conclusion.

Work through each lesson at your own pace so you get a clear idea of what each element is about and how it relates to you. What I see as a path or journey in one flower you may see differently and that is when your intuition is really kicking in. There is no right or wrong because we all see things in our own way and divine guidance will have you connect to the people you need to connect with at the correct time, so go for it.

Each lesson will have a brief overview so you know what it is about. I suggest you watch the video next to get more information before getting stuck into the PDF that takes everything down into more details. I have done this so you have the opportunity to learn according to your pace, style, time and skill at trusting your intuition.

But to get the most out of the course download the workbook PDF and as you go through the lessons write down what your intuition picks up about your flower. Please enjoy developing your Intuition through Intuitive Flower Readings.

I’m ready to Go

Intuitive Flowers

Intuitive Flowers will help you with your emotional goals in life. It will take through different aspects of what your intuition is telling you using a neutral flower image that doesn’t have a bias. Achieve your emotional goals NOW and get clarity and direction.

Intuition Development
Intuition Development

Intuitive Trees – Available soon

Intuitive Trees takes you through the process of understanding your purpose in life. These courses are fun and interactive and due out in the near future. Watch this space or follow Susan Jane the Intuitist on Face book for more information.

Intuitive Pets – Collecting data about your Pet

Intuitive Pets is about your relationships in life. How we are attracted to and stay with the people around us using our pets as a guide. We are still collecting data for this course and would love to know more about your pet. Connect with us on our Face book group ‘Intuitive Pets Global’. How knows your pet could be in our next book.

Intuition Development
Intuition Development

Intuitive Nature – Out in the near future

These courses will take a deeper look at what Intuition is and how we connect, develop and learn to trust it. Designed for those who want to know the nitty gritty about Intuition. Follow Susan Jane the Intuitist on Face book for more information on its release.

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