Developing Intuition

Developing Intuition is usually achieved over time

Now you can speed up the process!

We gather knowledge and understandings throughout our lifetimes. However, sometimes we need to experience situations more than once to gather these understandings and cement them into our intuition.

They can be experienced physically or mentally, meaning we can actually experience a physical situation and then mentally determine the understanding. Alternately, we can mentally go through the process and gather a mental understanding of the situation.

We now have the ability to develop our intuition quicker than ever before. 

We have the opportunity to learn more about it and thus create development in a quicker sense. Often we still need to experience different things on different levels to get a better understanding. However when we know more about our intuition we know more about how it works and the information it is sending to us. 

So…if you’re ready to dive in, play, learn and blossom….

Head over to this page and see How easy it is to start Tuning In.

Learn how to read live flowers in a deeper level using this easy step by step manner to develop your intuition and achieve your emotional goals

Don't be restricted when flower images can show you twice as much intuitive information on how to reach your emotional goals

Draw your own flower intuitively and discover what your intuition is really telling you. But for more fun ask a friend to draw theirs and then you read it.