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Professional Presenters Packages

This package gives you a professional presentation at every stage.

The Professional Presenter's Package has been designed for those who want to get more involved in presenting to groups whether it be Bridal Showers, Hen's Parties or any other type of Women’s Group.

Professional Packages gives you more details to assist your guests and lets you gather information from them if they choose to share. Extras include 4 three-page card spreads plus all of the documents to create your own small Business in a Box.

In the Intuitive Trees Program Professional Package you get:

  • Presenter Guidelines
  • Intuitive Trees Analysis and Explanation
  • Attendance List
  • Delivery Plan
  • Session Plan
  • Evaluation Form
  • 3 Mandala Images
  • Mandala Explanation and Guidance
  • 4 Card Spreads with full details
  • Guided Meditation

Presenter Guidelines

The Presenters Guidelines is a 6 page downloadable PDF that takes you through

  1. What you will need before the event,
  2. How to Set the Scene,
  3. Guidance about assisting your guests and has an
  4. Extra Option to really engage your attendees.

With this information you will be able to give the best Intuitive Workshop in your area and the word will quickly spread.

Susan Jane The Intuitist Presentation

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Intuitive Trees Analysis and Explanation

The Analysis and Explanation is a 20 page downloadable PDF Ebook that highlights ten different elements about you that have been intuitively brought forward in the session. Things such as:

  • How you are Motivated,
  • The best way you gather your Knowledge,
  • Your Personality type and the
  • Types of Behaviors you use,
  • Plus lots more.

You won't need to guess if your intuition is kicking in you can follow the guidelines and let your intuition increase and develop overtime. It really is that easy.

For a professional look the following items are most important. You'll want to keep track of your attendees, deliver the workshops successfully, stick to the session plan and seek evaluation after it.

Attendance List

The Attendance list is a printable sheet that holds all of your guests details to use later.  Collecting the names and email addresses of your guests enables you to add them to your growing list for future marketing.

Delivery Plan

The Delivery Plan is a printable plan that tells you exactly what is required to hold this workshop or session. It gives you step by step guidance on what you are going to delivery to your guests and keeps you on track to achieve it

Session Plan

The  Session Plan is a printable plan of the time allocated to specific tasks within your session or workshop. It monitors what you need to put forward and when you do that to give you the best results. Nothing is left to chance within this program and your session plan will keep you on track.

Evaluation Form

The Evaluation form is a printable form you give to all of your guest for feedback about the session.  This information in extremely valuable to ensure you are providing what your target audience is asking for. This form is a must for all workshops and training sessions.

The Ice Breaker

Breaking the ice with a group is important to get the connections straight away. Also waiting for the late ones to arrive can be daunting so here is the ice breaker or waiting exercise.

3 Mandala Images

The Intuitive Nature's Mandala Images help get your guest in the best frame of mind. There are several PDF images for you to download and print out. Preparing your guest for an Intuitive Party is to get them into the right mind set and have their energy flowing freely. Mandalas can do that without stopping the chatter and fun interactions.

Mandala Explanation and Guidance

The Intuitive Nature's Mandala Explanation and Guidance reassures you about what you need to do to provide the best possible start to your Intuitive Party. This downloadable PDF is easy and quick to read yet gives you the best start to a fun and inspiring way to celebrate an afternoon and the upcoming wedding.

A guided Meditation

The guided meditation is written out so you can read it to the group to get them in the right frame of mind. This is your choice.

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Get your Professional Presenters Pack NOW!

After the event or finishing early.

Sometimes people are just not ready to go home or you might finish earlier than expected so we have covered off on that we card spreads that are all self-explainable and ready to go.

4 Card Spreads with full details

The Intuitive Nature's Card Spreads gives you a full range of spreads that your guest can use to seek the answer to their questions. Each 3 page printable PDF shows you how to lay the spread out and what the position of the card means so your guests can use them by themselves or you can help with guidance. Extra sheets can be printed for them to take home their answers.

All of this enables you to start your own small Professional Presenter business without requiring any other information.

Start your own business now by simply clicking on the link?

Get your Professional Presenters Pack NOW!