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Intuitive Art Readings - Public Events Workshops

Here's a fun and relaxing way of exploring your Intuition with Friends

Absolutely no experience is needed for this Unique, Creative & Intuitive Sketching Workshop

Everything You Need

Everything you need to create your own intuitive drawing is provided!

This includes paper, pencils, a mini journal, plus a professional Intuitist to assist you with the information your intuition is guiding you with.

Drinks and Snacks

For private functions, you supply your own drinks and snacks. For extended events, we can provide catering for you.

At license venues please purchase drinks and snacks from the event venue.

Fun With Friends

Sip’n Intuitive Drawings is the perfect way to spend an afternoon, evening, or night out with friends or family. 

Celebrate birthdays, hen’s nights, and team-building with workmates.

Sorry No Current Public Events



Intuitive Art Readings can take your life a huge step forward

In this workshop, you can see what your Intuition is guiding you towards and it helps in all aspects of your life including your personal, business, and recreational life.

These events will get your creative juices flowing while you reminisce about times gone by. Of course, as you chat about what is happening now, you will also reveal your future in your piece of art. The best part is that it is all done according to YOUR intuition and what is wanting to show you.

You won't see this anywhere else!

Intuitive Art Readings offers unique and relaxing art workshops for all to enjoy while exploring more about you.

Not only do you get to take home your own creative sketch you also discover more about your direction and purpose in life.

All this fun and interaction now has a deeper meaning and it all comes from you. There is no experience necessary because you will be guided every step of the way.

This is not an art class but a fun and relaxing way to explore the deeper side of you while enjoying a glass of bubbles.

The Art of Intuition Sip'n Intuitive Drawings

We are mobile and can cater to most types of functions so don't miss out, book your event today!

Intuitive workshops for Hen's Party

Have a Hen's Party with a difference!

Tired of those over the top hen's parties and want something different but still enjoyable? Need someone to come to you or where you are holding your event? Want flexibility to have fun but enough structure to entertain your guests? Then a Sip'n Intuitive Drawing Workshops is perfect for your Hen's Party.

You won't see this at every Hen's party, be the first in your group of friends. Not only is it fun and interactive you also get an intuitive reading of your artwork.

Hold a Sip'n Intuitive Drawing at your hen's party or bachelorette party and see where your intuition is taking you.

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Why not hold a Mother and Daughter Bonding Event at your School

Intuitive Nature Intuitive Parties

Mother and daughter group sessions are the perfect way to introduce your daughter into the meaning of Women’s Intuition in a light-hearted way. This is an ideal way to interact with your daughter and create stronger family bonds.

It is so important to empower your child so she can get the most out of her life and the best way to do that is to introduce her to own intuition. Something she can learn to trust throughout her life and it will always be with her.

Intuitive Drawings for this group discourages alcohol but of course you can always have orange juice or soft drinks. You can arrange to have these sessions in an open space, such as your local school, or bring a group together in the privacy of your own home.

Please fill in the form to make a booking and save your dates for your Sip'n Intuitive Drawings Workshop.

Booking and Inquiry Form

Please enter your name.
Please enter a valid phone number.
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Hen's Parties & Birthday Parties Art Workshops

Frequently Asked Questions

Workshops take between 2-3 hours

All materials are provided for

Catering is supplied by event organisor

Cancellations are a natural occurance

Alcohol consumption must be minimal

Personal readings are part of the package

A guided mindset meditation is included

Imagine … having an inner voice of wisdom that tells you what to do to achieve your heart’s desires, how to reach your emotional goals … Well that’s exactly what your intuition does.

Life has become so full of information that it is often difficult to decide what to take on board, what to let go of and exactly what your intuition sounds or looks like.

The Art of Intuition Intuitive Drawings shows you know exactly what your intuition is telling you and all while you draw, chat and sip the afternoon away.  Book your event today!

Perfect for Hen's Parties, Birthday Parties or you're next get together.

Achieve Your Goals


Discover Your Purpose

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